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Whenever I try opening my save file, "Doing Cleanup..." pops up and never disappears...
4y ago
So whenever I go to the gbt to see the available contracts, but nothing comes up on any resource, not even the option to post my own. So I was then suggested to switch to offline mode and back, only to find out that nothing happened when I tried to switch to offline mode... (I also just noticed that my charter code has been switched to 0, but I can still see the button that asks if I want to switch to offline mode, but still without anything happening when pressing it)
4y ago
Wardog said:
My ideas wouldn't really convert it into a war game. Since the majority of players are colonies, military would be of little importance to them.

What about the independent/colonies that wishes to not get attacked and remain peaceful/neutral?(aka, to Not get involved)
4y ago
For when you want to temporarily decrease your atmosphere production by deactivating some bacteria farms, or activating some atmosphere scrubbers, but not all at once, to find a good balance between production and consumption
4y ago
Now that you can chain build everything, now all that's missing is the ability to chain deactivate or destroy
the same way you can chain build everything
4y ago
constanryuk said:Isn't this option already present in the game as of today? When I click on the pavement and I have unlocked the research necessary for new materials, it shows Upgrade one pavement or Upgrade All. Unless you are talking about a more efficient way of doing the upgrade. When I choose Upgrade All, all of the payment is in construction mode and the vehicles passing by will slow down.

Yes, It is in the game, but you can't upgrade further after you've got for example dark pavement you can't upgrade or dongrade further to any of the other 11 roadtypes
4y ago
So right now, if you have for example dark pavement, and want to upgrade to aluminum, you would have to get rid of all of your original road one by one, and rebuild it with aluminum. A very time consuming and tedious process.
My idea is that you'd have multiple options when clicking a road, so that you can more easily switch to a faster or Prettier/cooler road type when it gets released, and being able to switch back if it doesn't fit your colony
4y ago
Hi, sorry to bother, but I'm just wondering if I ever will receive an .amk file, I've sent, I think 3 emails to the support.apeapps email, with the email I used to get premium on android.
4y ago


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