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erm, buying premium activates premium for said account and works on every platform.
only exception in a way is steam version, buying steam version does give premium everywhere, but if game wasn't bought on steam you won't get steam version(which is premium only) for free, got to buy it again to have it on steam.

That said, if you did buy the premium on one platform and it didn't transfer to other one you should contact bast or wait for him to see this post I guess so he can help with solving that
5y ago
yeah, shouldn't have bought it again imho, pretty sure bast could have easily fixed it for you.
5y ago
if you double click or hold finger press on one on phone it selects all bots of same type, so you can make them all harvest.
and there is an option to fix everything, but it's in your consulate/capitol, under policies there is "repair infrastructure" one that fixes all the buildings.

Also, nunez, if you convert the res value into cash it's never cheaper to rebuild than fix, also, takes forever to get to state where they'd break anyway and it would be mega annoying since super easy to miss that one random building is missing.
5y ago
Had same issue twice, even loading previous manual save didn't fix it once, but other time it did. Not sure if there was any difference between the two times it happened, but both time it was on my "testing" colony where I might have caused the save corruption myself by messing with some buggy things before they were fixed.

The time when loading previous manual save didn't help I just ended up deleting the city.

Also, if the loss of that city sets you far behind feel free to send a message/embassy to OEyfyQGB
I can send any resource and any quantity, to help you get back up to were you were before losing the city :D
5y ago
you could try turning on autobudget in your policies
I know it helped some ppl sort the problem with crashing on the popup window for payroll since it skips that window completely.
5y ago
pretty sure you can't trade with other players (even yourself on same PC) while offline. It's pretty much a singleplayer game when offline. Offline colonies only have access to import and export for resource exchange.
5y ago
First of, just deleting the map from region screen and not deleting things inside the map 1st is not a good idea, from what I've noticed the region will still get some data from the now non-existing and not accessible map.
Also, full pop maps tend to cause issues, unemployed people just cause lag after a certain point from the few tests I did. Using normal arcologies over fantasy ones can help since most ppl get work places inside the arcology itself, but I'd still not overcommit to more than 1.5M pop on single region map.
Can't say much about normal maps, haven't played one since forever.
5y ago
I know someone who had same issue and all it took was opening
and once he logged there it actually registered he had premium.
Do check if it says Premium:yes next to my colony, if not then you'll probably need to wait for bast to check it.
5y ago
also, make sure you leave to the region screen before closing the game.
Had the same thing happen few times on my alts, things sometimes aren't saved properly if you don't leave to region screen before closing and you researched new techs.
It just wouldn't save new techs you bought but would save the fact that you spent the resources for it.
Also, most likely it's same bug as I had and he needs to get the research points again.
5y ago
filling a map of advanced robots usually means like a whole day of letting it sit gathering pop.
I preffer stargates over cloning facilities due to just needing to place them, no pop needed to work.
but yeah, it's a big time sink for higher pop density maps.
though, boosting it too much could be bad, like, only thing that's sorta limiting super fast growth in realy late game is the immigration and building speed.
5y ago
well, even when you got 0 storage you can store up to 9999
but I guess what he meant was that he should perhaps be able to only gift you have storage for or production for.
5y ago
Have you tried putting them on automatic so you don't get the confirmation windows (auto budget turned on under policies in your consulate/capital/HoC)
Also, curious, what platform are you playing on?
5y ago
erm, it would never go over the top, returned stuff is returned by mail and if you accept it, the excess would again be instantly posted with the auto trader.
but yeah, auto export could be a thing.
5y ago
I know only few people are at this level, but tbh, you can control your production to match your storage for most resources, especially now that converters are a thing.
5y ago
Here's a caption of my resources atm
Did a trade with diamonds, crystals and wood yesterday and was gifting stuff to my other colony so few things are below 10B right now.

Oh, and I don't starve my storage, I'm making about 600k excess tri per minute. got 24B of it stored as you can see
5y ago
not a bug tbh.
as bast said before, region view doesn't track pretty much anything else but resource consumption and production. So it doesn't know how many job slots you got. It's only visible while on a specific map.
5y ago
well, guess the easiest thing then is to build gold mines, mine gold and build lots of mints to turn it to cash.
could do diamonds and jewelry stores, but that takes a bit more effort.
5y ago
oh, does it block export too?
well, send a message to OEyfyQGB, I can help you with you debt :D
5y ago
hmm, sure you got the ET builder and ofc the tech needed to build them?
you won't get the upgrade button without the tech, but it will be there if you got the tech and no builders to build it.
not at PC now so can't check if I got the same issue.
5y ago
5y ago


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