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Here you can download any texture overhaule you like and use as you please be sure to mention me if you use them in your own mods. Please drop likes and any comments as i do read them and will try to reply where i can.

I hope you all will like the more realistic look of the buildings as i will slowly bring them out as I remodel them. They have also been realined to fit the in game grid better aswell.

Textures png files

Gold Mint

Gold Refinery

Small Shelter

First Aid




Greenhouse Working

Advanced Hydro
6y ago
I use Art flow and its pretty good as you can export as a png file. And no problems with any of my textures yet.
6y ago
Thanks guys. Will be updating 2 buildings soon. And will also retexture and design a new basic house structure aswell as the gold house.
6y ago
What do you mean. And hope the mod worked for you
6y ago
Here are some changes i made
6y ago
How do you retexture the colonists because i did but my texture isnt working. Its perfectly alined aswell
6y ago
What program do you use to draw
6y ago
Please feel free to request chat and ask questions regarding my new mod.
6y ago
Ok guys and girls here is my first official Mod. It's in its very early stages but i will constantly update it as i rebuild the in game textures. I will try to keep a change log active as i make updates and chages.

Change log:
Ice Deposit, Ground 1, Sand, Deposit, Brick House, Refinary lvl 1 and 2, Panel lvl 1, Gold Smelter, Gold refinary, Factory, Pub, Restaurant, Colonist 3, Hydroponics lvl 1 and 2, Grass, Fir trees and the Complex buildings Green and Blue.

New, Small Shelter and Green dome

Hope you guys enjoy and please leave your comments below as there always welcome.

I hope that the mod looks good as i know im changing most details and feel of the game. If you guys want to see more let me know.
6y ago


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