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This game is better than most games I've played, and yet it was made by a single person. I cannot begin to imagine how great this game would be if it were made by a team! Great job bast!

(I am not implying that I would like this game to be made by a team.)
5y ago
What do you mean by full house
5y ago
There should be a way to remove colonies.

(Or maybe I'm just stupid and can't find it.)
5y ago
Version 1 will be my life. Keep it up!
5y ago
Well...Look at what's up.
5y ago
I know that you can delete all. But it would be more convenient. And if you would wanna replace all your white lights with red lights, it would be really hard to remember where they were if you had a lot of white lights.
5y ago
I think around 50million gold is enough for me. You can easily achieve that with 5320 gold synthesis labs.
5y ago
Hardened Solar Road


Supply 5 power

+8 movement speed


Aluminum Solar Road


Supply 8 power

+15 movement speed


(PSST! if you like the idea, and want it to be added, consider making me textures for these!)
5y ago
Hello all,

Here's my idea.

Lets say you want to replace all your pavements with solar pavements. You would have to go through bulldozing all of them, remembering where all of them were, and finally replacing them. Not only is this a waste of time, it is a waste of materials.

There should be a replace button on the menu of each building, so you can replace each building with one of the same size. There should be a "replace" and a "replace all" this would be beneficial. thank you.
5y ago
I'm sorry, but since this is not an idle game, I'm pretty sure bast won't add this.
5y ago
I am very sorry everyone, but I did not have much time to play recently. I think I will wait for My Colony to reach version 1 to continue playing. Don't get me wrong; this is still the best game ever!

Keep up the good work, bastecklein! (And don't you dare make this game $4.)
5y ago
I'm not using chrome.

I'm not ready to be rage when my browser resets data.

And I. Hate. Backup-ing.
5y ago
It does not work.
5y ago
Same (well, kinda)! But, I use mass solar towers :) :)
5y ago
Check Render Distance is on.

The Launcher doesn't work for me.

I'm not using the Windows 10 version, I'm using the desktop version. My OS is Windows 10. Sorry for the confusion.

EDIT: Let me update the Launcher and I will see if it works or not.
5y ago

This is the worst issue ever!

I'm using the desktop version.

This is 0.59.

I am running a Windows 10.

I didn't put this in Bug Reports because I didn't know if this issue was already reported or not.
5y ago
In one of my colonies, I made 20 nuclear reactors thinking I could get lots of power from it.

Welp, I ran out of Uranium. Had to restart colony.

Never rely on Nuclear Reactors.
5y ago
One thousand chip wouldn't fit on my map.
5y ago
What language is that
5y ago


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