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I'd love for someone to explain how to best increase your GDP, or at least how it works. I have a fairly large Commonwealth, but my GDP seems to be stagnant and I can't quite figure out why.
4y ago
Thanks, I did read that's why I got a little confused. It's easy for me lol.
Just wanted to make sure. It's a little irritating to spend all your money buying a resource you're supposed to be able to produce. This colony isn't big enough to support itself yet.
4y ago
Ok...I'm a little confuse...has the bug been reported and acknowledg9? If so is it going to be addressed soon? Apparently some are still producing because it's still traded and I've spent all my cash buying it because I can't produce anymore. My Commonwealth is keeping my Ice world going so I'd appreciate this bug being fixed sooner rather then later.
4y ago
I had Requested 100k Artifacts for the Price of 1,250,000,000. A couple of hours later it told me my contract was bought. I did not get the artifacts. Nor did I get my money back.
Has this been an issue in the past or is this an isolated incident?
4y ago
Thanks! I also found the Alien Atmosphere Condenser and that reduces a lot of atmosphere! So with your suggestions and what I found, Green Peace should be satisfied with my efforts to reduce Pollution! Lol
4y ago
So I seem to have some Green Peace Jenks complaining about the Atmosphere. In order to be a leader for all people, I have decided to take this issue. I haveven reduced emissions a lot but I'm still increasing. Since I didn't realize this would be a problem until now, I'm at 13+ million. How do you reduce ATMOSPHERE? Any suggestions would be Awesome!
Thanks in advance.
4y ago


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