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Hello Beck, thank you for the upgrade to the buses. Next, if the Dark Matter Part 2 has this--nevermind, otherwise--some of the new buildings are unbuildable/usable. At least if you are playing UE, and are in an offline game. No ether.
3mo ago
I vaguely recall way back when you introduced the mass transit system into regions, you said something about trains, as well as adding it to non-regions. Any plans on that, or it that just dead (so we have to build 30 to 50 bus stations per city in a region just to get a decent number of commuters)?
4mo ago
McPhisto2051 said:...

- The dropdown menu workers doesn't show anything as human, perhaps remove it (only for humans)

In custom games (sandbox mode), you can use it, since you can have all the races together. I've tried it with himans and Zolarg. It is also the reason why (I thnk) that the stats has human and non-human workers listed, even though most of the time it would be only one or the other.
11mo ago
I just recently started to play the Alpha Draconians. I have just started to put down the Universal Commodities Exchange. Now I'm getting a message telling me there is no charcoal storage. I looked through all of the storage silos in the encyclopedia, and none of them list charcoal. I looked through all of the other Alpha Draconian buildings in the encyclopedia ( at least I think I have), same--no charcoal storage. I really don't care if there is no storage, as long as it is removed from the Universal Commodities Exchange (since it looks like I would just end up selling it like wood as nothing uses it). The message seems to be coming up a little to often, and it is starting to get very annoying.
11mo ago
The issue has been resolved. I updated Android over the weekend, and the soft key problem fixed itself. Of course, a lot of my phone's settings were reset, so I'm going slowly changing them back. If it comes back, I'll let you know which setting triggered it. Btw, the first setting I changed was the gestures. So it isn't that. Or, it isn't that by itself. Anyway, thanks for looking into it.
Yes. I have disabilities, so me and gestures don't get along. If I reenable them, then disable them, do you think that may reset it?

I did find a temporary work-a-round. I downloaded a rotation control app. For landscape at least, I can flip the orientation so the soft buttons are on the opposite side (the buttons don't actually move, just the screen contents are rotated 180 degrees). It blocks the left 2 most building UI elements on their pop up--but I can just flip it back around.
You can't. I noticed that until you get to around 50,000+ population, we are playing "Birthing Simulator 2019" (yes the problem is that old). After that, everyone calms down. By the time you get to around 250,000 population, the birth rate just falls off a cliff. For example, my current colony I'm working on has 405,000 population--but only 8,850 minors.
Assuming you have all buildings still set to default priority--change that. Click/tap on building (yes, each and every one--there is no group function for this). Click/tap on the blue bar graph icon. Scroll down until you see 2 horizontal sliders. One is priority, other is job numbers. Slide the priority towards the right (you don't have to go all the way, just amount to the right will do). Do this for each building you want workers to start working at first. Be careful though. If you don't watch it at first, workers from food and water production will switch over, with bad consequences. Just keep an eye on food and water when you do this.
So the release notes are wrong (Dev specifically said he put in deportation of kids to make it easier on us with large colonies). Thank you. Maybe Dev will put it back in, or come up with alternative to it.
Not true. The following asymmetrical buildings have text/graphics and rotate:

Official New Station
Galactic Stock Exchange
Advanced & Alien Microchip Factory

I get that the last few on the list have a symbol, and not actual text. However, the news station has a number: 7, and it's flipped. I could care less about that, hence why I don't understand why the following can't rotate:

Hipster Bar
Hipster Lofts
Toy Factory
Artificial Sugar Factory
Galactic Freight
Space Elevator

As none of these buildings are drop-off points (which wouldn't matter anyway, since there are a ton of 1x1 & 2x2 buildings that are drop-off points that rotate), I don't see what that would have to do with anything.
I've noticed you need somewhere near 50% of your population equivalent in medical. They are nearly all full, but they are cycling though. I envy you for only having 1/4 of your pop as kids. I have 75% of mine as them. Fun times in Rabbit Simulator 2020™.
Use the buildings that export/import items (ones that do both of them, the export ramp/gun, galactic freight, space elevator, stargate(s), and spaceport). Then you export (sell) the following:


Those are what goes into the numbers from what I can tell (if anyone knows of any others, please add them). These also tend to max out their storage fairly quickly, so you get the added benefit of keeping workers on the job. Do this, and the poverty line goes down. You will have to sell *a lot* of them though. As in hundreds of thousands of units. But it works.
So far as I can tell:

1 human/Zolarg/Draconian = 1 house/housing unit.

Yeah, you have to build more housing than jobs. Maybe the dev will modify it in upcoming releases. The only thing I can tell you is my birth rate drops off a lot under the following conditions:

10k+ adults, 2k homeless

I mean the birthrate has dropped off a cliff. From (in game simulation time), 15k kids in 6yrs., to 2k kids in 25 yrs. But I have to make them all mad being homeless.
These are just a few buildings that don't currently rotate, that maybe need to:
Galactic Freight (even though the export ramp/gun--the one right before this--does),
Space Elevator (same as G-freight).

Rotating the export ramp, then upgrading does--shall we say, "interesting"--things to the graphics. Enough that moving the building isn't possible. In fact, just being able to click on it can be a challenge. I can only bulldoze it and any buildings it crosses. Meaning, it's at the bottom of the pile. Even if a road crosses one end of it, and that's it, the road tiles have to be removed first. Sometimes, after deleting the other structures that find themselves over it, I can click on and move the building. Other times, nope, have to delete it as well and build a new one.

Plastic Factory and the buildings it upgrades to,
Hipster Bar,

Or for that matter, any asymmetrical multi-tile building (3 x 5, 1 x 2, etc.).

I know this is would be a very low priority for you. Maybe save it for when you want to put an update out, but there are no bugs to fix or new content to include.
There is supposed to be a "deportation" option. I have never been able to find it (or progressed enough to unlock it).

I have found out that once you get a population of just over 10k adults, if you let 2k be homeless, the births slow way down. Case in point: currently I have a colony with 29k total pop. 10.2k are adults, the rest are children. I only have 25k houses, meaning around 4k homeless. Since I had the 2k homeless (back at 27k), it has taken around 25 yrs. (simulation time) to add the next 2k. It took me around 6 yrs. (simulation time) to get 17k kids. So, yeah, dramatically less births. I'm not building anymore housing. One day I will, just no time soon.
username #1 2020-01-15 18:45:01
instead of moving to the construction site and building the item I requested, most of my rovers just move around in circles next to the construction area and do nothing until my building is built. I have to manually click on each rover unit and assign them to whatever I am building in order for them to start working.

I've run into the same problem after a very long time playing the game (18+ hours playing). I fixed it by saving the game, then closing completely, then restarting the game.
I updated to v.1.2.0 and checked all of the current colonies (4 pre-1.0, 2x UE red planet, 1x Insectoid Sugarland, 1x LIS abandoned world; 2 post 1.0, all UE earthlike), to verify if the colonies are now stable. I have 2 devices I run on. #1: Android; #2: Android 7.1.1.

My pop drop is similar and different to the others. I will lose around 450-500 each payday. Only about 50 end up as deaths. The rest just disappear from total pop (no emigration--they just poof). However, this is only on my pre-1.0 colonies. Insectoids is fine, since within about 1 to 2 minutes they produce the missing colonists from the mounds. The biggest kick is with my human colonies. All of them have 2 cloning facilities. LIS has to have 150 landing pads to keep pace with the missing people. My smaller UE base (33k pop) needs 35 landings pads to keep pace. My larger colony though.... 205k pop, 275 landing pads. Also, all of the deaths are only minors. I've had 32k births, but I only have 14.5k minors. I'm actually having to "gear down" my colony to build more food, medical and education (as in get rid of higher tech buildings and move back to lower tech ones). So, I don't know if that is a cause of the "instability" or not. I've tried the "turn off housing and see if it stabilizes" trick--they just get mad because they are homeless.

All of the new post 1.0 colonies have never had the issue at all. Never lost a single colonist. They are just turning the game into "Rabbit Simulator 2020" (1 colony has 12k pop, 2k adults and just under 10k minors; the other one has 4.5k pop, 1.1k adults and 3.4k minors). Neither of those 2 can progress. To much building of food, med and entertainment (money as well, except I need the workers in food and med). So much in fact, that the one with 12k pop owes over 350k in taxes that it can't pay for. The other is not as bad only owing a bit over 20k in unpaid taxes. I almost wish they would mass disappear like the others to self-cull their populations.

It maybe that I'll have to just cut my losses and delete all of them and start over from scratch.

Never mind, I messed with the engine settings, moving them back and forth, and the problem seems to have corrected itself. Guess it was maybe a memory issue.

However, a new issue has come up for Zolarg. It stems from building/harvesting at the same time. For all other civs, when you are harvesting a resource, and then you build something that only that vehicle can build (the ore, reg, or gold mines for example), they will stop harvesting and go build it/them--unless you have some idle units. Then, the ones harvesting keep harvesting. Not so with the buggies. If I build more than a single building, regardless if other bugs can build it or not, *every* bug that can build it will. Then sit idle until you tell it to go harvest again. Not so big a deal mid/late game with new auto generating structures (labor camp, unholy mine), just before that, when you are planting/building for mining/harvesting is it an issue. I don't know if it is meant to be this way, since they are organic living beings verses mechanical rovers, or not. If they are doing this to reflect they are living, okay then never mind. If they are however supposed to be more like the rovers/bots.... I don't recall this happening before the grouping of units update. It may just be down to the age of my devices (1 x Android 5--2 yrs old, & 1 x Android 7--9 months old), and the way they handle memory.

Once again, thank you for a great game.
Thank you for all of your hard work sir. We greatly appreciate you for it. Now, on to it.

In Zolarg civ, there is an issue with some of the harvesting, namely the harvesting of sugar. Specifically, the drones seem to not go after the closest items to be harvested like everything else does. I usually have to end up just bulldozing whole groves (is that the right term?), of sugar just to continue building the colony. It can be frustrating when the drones are ignoring a group of 10-20 sugar plants literally next to a structure that is a drop-off point for sugar, and going 20+ tiles away to harvest. Since the other bugs don't do this, and neither do any of the rovers, well....

Just a minor thing I guess, but this has been going on since I started my first Zolarg colony over a year ago.
Well, it was nice while it lasted. Still not at being able to get crystal, and no room left, so can't build new buildings. 4 months into the current game (the longest I think so far), and I will have to blow the current game away and start over. Time for colony # 149 now. Oh well.


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