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Well, it's become obslete with the new tech buildings, they produce just as much money and you can mass build them, they eat up bandwidth like crazy, but it's so worth it
3y ago
GeneralWadaling said:
MizarAlcor said:You can import the crystalline from Stargate instead, then research the Crystalline Synthesis, and build the Crystalbot to start spawning the Synthetic Crystalline.

LIS humans however, outside from Ice World, can not build any bots to spawn Synthetic Crystalline, as they can not build the Crystalbots.

Humm actually GBT (Galactic board of trade) is the easiest access to it, if you play online colony :D

Yes, but the only problem is if you want to play offline, honestly i feel like needing crystalline to be able to make crystalline is a bit ridiculous (playing as offline UE), make it something with maybe 500 Alien artifacts or maybe even what is produced via center of aritificial learning, acient alien instructions, but just something other than crystalline please
3y ago
Whenever it asks for photo access, it instantly freezes my game, which in a few minutes crashes :-/
5y ago
For some reason, my building that are packed together with no access to the outside, mainly houses, are constantly turning off and I have to manually reactivate them. There is also a glitch where whenever the game asks for access to photos, it crashes the game.... Any tips? Thanks :-)
5y ago


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