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It is a feature you could activate at the consulate. Every colonist will lose their job and their living place which means that they have to relocate everything. It isnt a good idea to activate it since it will take a long time which means that you could lose important resources like water or food.
6y ago
We can use the "online reporting" of the my colony forum right now
6y ago
Hopefully the reptilians won't get released before the end of the year since I'm forced to write a fanfiction between a zolarg and a reptilian if they do
6y ago
same amount of buildingsā‰ same amount of production

Check your statistic. It states how much rum you produce and how much gets consumed.

The my-colony reference also gives a lot of useful information about how much gets produced and consumed through buildings.

Ps: why do you even need so many pubs?
6y ago
That reminds me of a simular space building game (not gonna mention the name since it could be seen as advertisement) where space ships orbit your planet (and show up every 5 minute which looks pretty awesome). They were mostly just transport ships but with a little bit of creativity (and a teleporter on the planet) you could make a "flying house" out of it.

(Like with this bad drawn example in which you can put a design on it:)
6y ago
I agree, also accidentally reported someone
6y ago
So you are taking about something like a building which increases the building speed of bots percently according to how many people work currently?
6y ago
It just takes a while (I don't know exactly where the limits are for the freezes but there are a few simular cases so I suggest you to look around the forum through the search function)
6y ago
You can check what buildings your resource use by clicking statistic, afterwards the "resource" button and then the specific resource

Could you send then a screenshot of it?
6y ago
Have you already checked the website link in the statistic? Normally works if you're not independent yet

6y ago
So you can't watch the video because it doesn't occurs? Are you having a good internet connection currently?

Ps: there are already some forums with the same issue https://www.ape-apps.com/viewpage.php?p=8056
6y ago
Have you already build the advanced builder bot? The advanced solar tower can be build by the normal and advanced bot but other buildings can only be built by the advanced one.
6y ago
kjeval said:Hey, Norway is not in the statistics :(

Well if you compare it to the populations of the countries then it's no wonder haha

6y ago
1) have you built the arcology? It is most of the time responsible for the huge amount of people without work

2) I don't know the math behind it but the statistic under the approval graph normally shows what concerns your colonists

3) there is a way of "resetting". Simply long press somewhere too select all bots and move them somewhere

4) I think the bulldozer currently is enough (the risk of destroying important buildings is too high already). You could simply destroy these solar cells one by one when you need place.

5) I experience the same bug when building 2x2 buildings. It has no real impact but worth to mention

6) I think it would be better if we have a colour system for work places to show how long the average commute length is (blue for 0-15, yellow for 15-30 and the rest red)

7) the gtb will simply have a fix the next few weeks (most likely it will be normal soon)

8) maybe we could have a normal gtb for everyone and a "bigger one" to sell massive amount of resources to keep the advantage for newcomers and have the long term player the ability to go even further.

9) yes it would be nice to have a more balanced price for goods. Maybe it would be for commonwealths or federations (If they will be implemented one day)

10) multiplayer like you define will never be implemented since even bast mention that he won't put it in this game

11) they stay when it get deactivated but it won't produce/ consume any resources

12) I also have no idea :P

13) I think it depends on what device you are (I'm currently mobile and it handles large pretty well)

14) the only current leader board is the population one
And there isn't a real goal right now, just building and selling

15) you have to ask him personally if he needs help (most likely not but he will acknowledge your suggestions)
6y ago
What map are you on currently? Maybe it's because the massive amount of storage the game needs to save
6y ago
Maybe your colonist just sleep or doing other free time activities
6y ago
Maybe it's the decay. Do you have any storage for aluminium?
6y ago
Can you show us what resources you have currently? You need for example had at least one microchip once in your current game (even if you have zero now) to unlock buildings which need microchips to build
6y ago
Have you already tried reloading? Had the same bug but it worked for me
6y ago
MaroutoutMars1 said:do you are a history teacher ? because it is a very good history and logique

No but thanks
6y ago


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