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I have opened the game.
I select new game.
I have alternately selected all available map sizes at all available difficulty levels.

Nothing happens.

Any idea what is broken?
3y ago
MizarAlcor said:You will never be able to see the individual colonists again like before 1.0.0.

The update 1.0.0 very significantly reduced map lag, which was caused by the game trying to simulate individual colonists before 1.0.0. Now that all colonists were changed to be pure simulation, you can notice that lag is reduced greatly. For region players, they used to have problems opening bugged maps with >1m pop, and now they can open it again.

As a result, you won't see individual colonists again even if the setting is turned on.

If this is true, it has broken the game.
Here is a breakdown of more accurate algorithmic thinking:
You have a total pop (TotalPop).
That number is allowed to change for ONLY four reasons.
1. Immigration
2. Emigration
3. Death
4. Birth/Clones

If SERVICES lack, it has the power only to increase the probability of Emigration, but NO power to change the value of TotalPop.
In the case of critical Services (e.g. Health Care), it can ONLY increase the probability of Death, but has no power to change TotalPop.

I'll bet a hundred bucks that is where the coding mistake was made.

- Carolan
4y ago
Having the same issue. New red region in 1.0. People just disappear. Can't progress beyond first aid stations so no fix there. All of my housing was built as needed for adjacent industries so no problem there.
Something was changed between 0.99 and 1.0 that is causing a 'population leakage '.

They are NOT "death waves" and all of you should not attach inaccurate labels to things. It confuses the issue and prevents solutions.

No people are dying. No people are emigrating. They just disappear.

4y ago
Update 0.95 was slow to appear in the Amazon store.
This update is necessary to properly connect to the server.
Updating to the latest version solved my issue.
4y ago
Negative results.
I'm still locked out of all of my colonies.
Same error, "Unable to connect to My Colony server."
Trust me, there is nothing wrong with my XFinity wifi.
4y ago
Happening to me as well. Two weeks now and still can't open any online colonies.
I've restarted my device three times but it doesn't fix anything.

...I'll try one more time.
4y ago
Thanks. The update required many new permissions and also mentioned some additions to the Zolarg race.
Are there details about these items?
4y ago
I'm having a major issue. I am signed in but can't open any cities. It goes to the "Not Signed In" dialog. Going to restart device and cwh
5y ago
I love the auto-trader idea. The civics issue is also a concern.
It might be safer to choose only critical items for auto purchase.
I didn't see it mentioned, but I have the notion that the implementation should allow separate settings for auto-selling and auto-purchase.

The bulldozer change looks good. Often you want to clear large areas of bio-debris for building placement

I'm going to go try it all out right now.

Thanks very much for the new tools.
5y ago
I downloaded the newest update and the Water World files load and operate correctly. Robots are 'botting and the files load and save correctly except for one thing instantly noticeable.
The research progress is reset to the start state every time a Water colony is loaded.
Resources and production seem intact, but all research done is reset.
5y ago
A previous update addressed bots being inside of buildings. If you watch, you'll see the trapped bot slide sideways out of the building foundation.
5y ago
New Water World?

Same results. Robots stopped building anything after building a single water pump, and reloading the game and colony resulted in all the water tiles deleted from the colony map and replaced with plain grass.

The game is now completely unplayable.
5y ago
Put simply, Brandon, never rush coding anything.
At no point should the game be deleting or changing tiles on its own except during map creation or certain resource spreading.
You've made some major changes to create Water Worlds, but what was the point if the code is now capable of deleting all the water on an existing colony map?
It makes the whole update a huge waste of time.

I'm going to go ahead and try to start a new human Water World and see what happens.
5y ago
Entered game, started new small city in region on forest planet.
It appeared to run normally, I built a small vehicle factory, a storage depot and a oil storage. Robots gathered normally, but I noticed them driving right through water and forest tiles.
Then I designated a Quantum water storage. The robots went to the location, stopped and did nothing, then returned to their parking spot.
Same result with Clone factory, same result with Hydrogen power plant, same result with underground living quarters, same result building road, same result for a simple shelter.
I completely exited and restarted game, region and city.
Same result with buildings and robots actually building anything, but now the game had deleted every river water tile from the map, making the map useless.

I don't want to open any other colony at this time and have it destroyed.
The game and the coin I paid for premium are wasted until the update is rolled back and these major, game destroying errors are addressed.
5y ago
Yes. It was the gold. You must mine at least one gold to build anything requiring gold.
Once I'd mined (had to find a natural mine) a gold resource, the research facility was buildable by the build bot.
Thank you, colbya.

Issue solved.
6y ago
I've started an Abandoned world colony and built at least one of everything.
However, it won't allow me to build anything but basic structures and refuses to offer me the option to build a Sm. Research Lab or any other research producing building.

Completely stuck.
6y ago
OK. It now responds and logs me in, sometimes immediately, sometimes as long as a couple of minutes. I think it is working, just some patience with it may be required.
6y ago
Can't sign in to My Colony in the game. The fidget just runs at the bottom of the sign in dialog but it never signs in.
I've signed in to the site (obviously) but it still won't accept a sign in for the game.
I can't access my colony.

Closing the game and reopening My Colony worked. The game opened with me signed in having already logged into the website.
It only worked the one time. Upon returning to the game from this forum, My Colony refuses to sign me in.
6y ago


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