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I've heard that after the most recent update, i have to pay my workers well otherwise they'll go on strike, how much am i supposed to pay them?

With regards,

Cyb3rklev, colonial governor of Neo Gaia
3mo ago
3mo ago
Welp, since no one has replied to this so far, i'm just gonna bump it
6mo ago
It would make sense lore-wise, more than immediately starting in the League of Independent States that is
6mo ago
The regular worlds have different starting technologies, and because custom maps are supposed to be custom, so should be the starting technologies of said maps.
9mo ago
Districts are an important part of city builder games, so i don't see why my colony shouldn't have them
10mo ago
We already have custom maps for single cities so i don't why we shouldn't implement them for region cities
11mo ago
the ape apps launcher requires a stable internet connection, which i don't have, i know that there's a separate steam app but i have already bought premium on mobile and i don't want to buy it again.
11mo ago
Whenever i try exporting the owner's guide the game just generates a blank text file
11mo ago


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