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They will get a job, don't worry. They are 1 year old, because they are from cloning facilities, so no problem.
4y ago
☭Welcome in the Great USSR!☭

Zdrastvujta'! It appears that you chose the right link clicking here. It seems that you are looking for some good commonwealth. You are probably lost in that all class struggle, and general mess. Don't worry, Uncle Stalin will help you in making the right choice.


• We have active, growing community, that is only waiting for YOU to join!

• We are the most innovative commonwealth here, scroll down for some Great Communism Ideas

• We have the most player-based community packs over here called Stalin 5 Year Plans. Just take a look:

• 1 Year- You just joined this game and want some help? Don't worry, the only thing that you need to do is post a request in a post here with a name of your colony. First pack includes:

100 000 ore to help you start out very fast
100 000 steel to help you out start even faster!
10 000 water and
10 000 food because rushing water pumps and greenhouses sucks
1 000 rum just for you!
10 000 $ (secret pension plan, shhh)

• 2 Year- You now have self-sustaining small colony, with 100 people. That means that you need more advanced resources!
30 000 gold for advanced buildings
20 000 microchips for some even more advanced buildings
1 000 rum. Another one.
50 000$ for having fun without spamming gold mints

• 3 Year- It seems that your 1000 colony could benefit from having a GBT. Sadly you need 400 wood for it. Don't worry, we have this, and some extra advanced atmosphere resources:

400 wood for your new GBT that you can now waste all your money on overpriced resources
10 000 clay some buildings need that one
50 000 bricks for building all that you want
10 000 aluminum as a premium
999 rum because I drunk one of them before sending
1 000 000 $ as a start-up for your new GBT oriented buisness

• 4 Year - Your 2500 colony is lacking some aluminum? Lack no more, I'm here to help with your aluminum problem!

20 000 aluminum just for you
1000 alien artifacts for building some alu gens earlier
30 000 wood for dig sites
998 rum, take one down, we still have 997 rum

• 5 Year - Your final pack. Congratulations for getting this one, it means that you have 5000 pops. You could probably left this commonwealth, but you decided to not do so.

30 000 uranium for some fancy quantum magic
10 000 alien artifacts, cause you need to spam Aluminum Generators
1 Golden, Highest Quality Russian Rum

These are not the only resources you will get here comrade, you can always request what you want here in thread or...

• In official First Future Federation Discord channel: . Ranks and fancy logo included. We also have our own Slavic channel there, for posting True Slavic Videos.

• We have dancing bears, водка, rum, smetana, kompot, Gopniks, borsch and pierogies. What are you waiting for?


Payroll assistance.

You: Can I have 100% payroll assistance?
Me: Best I can do is 200%...
You: What about 150%?
Me: 300%, take it or leave it.
You: Okay, seems fair to me.

Best Comrades Ranked By Pops:
1. Me, 67,857
2.British Socialist Republic, 2013
3. Aztecas, 1318
4. Russian Interstellar Federation, 1089
5. British Socialist Republic's Puppet of Newark, 116

Our Charter Code (spam this everywhere): QrbLvRu0

If you have ideas for our commonwealth, write them here.

Hey, stop it, join it already

Please, do it.

Ok, I give up, go somewhere else.
4y ago


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