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@ModeratelyHuge yes, you are supposed to build a lot of archaeological dog sites, a dozen didn't do it for me. however, once you build a center for relic studies, all of them becomes obsolete, as one cfrs produces the same amount.
4y ago
it keeps signing out and the username field is named e-mail instead of username giving the wrong suggestions of input.
5y ago
Samsung s8 version 51
game wont save. keeps saying "saving game" in the bottom. cant exit to title. pushing save game does nothing.
when restarting the game after force closure, data are lost. even trades are lost.
5y ago
on android phone Samsung Galaxy s8. version 0.48.0

power and employees and atmosphere is all there. however with 100+ condensers they still produce less than 1..
5y ago
im an a android phone, samsung s8 with the game version 0.48.0
my problem is that some times all my colonist quit their jobs and go homeless, which makes my colony crash. now my colony is thirsting and hungering and dieing. i cant do anything because when i get a lot of food and water they all quit again which makes them stop prosucong water and food and then i run out agian and everyone starves to death again..
5y ago


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