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Id love to see an increase from 100m to 1b the gift from player to player is 1b but sometimes... other players ignore ure pleas for ress help or cant send the amount you want or need...
6mo ago
After the recent uodate something happened to my save on here i uninstalled the game to try and restore my issue but it didnt work I ended up loosing my save, so I tried to reload my back up it wouldnt load saying the file is corrupt and now i can only open the save in the browser...and ive lost many many hours of game play and need urgent help i dont know what to do
6mo ago
I don't even have the cupcake factory
1y ago
I don't have any of the black market research but I have all the way up to tech none of my bots can build anything to give me the green alien relics which I need to transcend which by the way is my last research right what am I missing?
1y ago
its there but when i tap it i get the notification but nothing happens
6y ago
my one colony has no charter code and wont generate one so and it wont go to online/offline mode
6y ago
you may also need hospitols and if u have rations on take it off toruists drop like flys with that on
6y ago
you dont have discord...?why its a simple download to do and it helps u become more organised and u are able to get more help by those who understand the game not mention ressources should u need them are easy to come by there is nothing wrong with discord ppl "cant" download discord are just plain lazy lol my opinion anyways
6y ago
yea u need to pay ure taxes or u get no immagration-consul genryu of the FFF
6y ago
Come join me i have 200% income support and u get 300k gold,ore,coin,water,food as a welcome bonus please check in when u join to recive ure starter package so what are you waiting for? come join the 13 court guard squads of seireitei!!! Charter code is: i4TsbZ8k
P.s. We are a proud member of the FFF *Salutes* ress are sent to colonys with names so please no My colonys *WARNING!!!*
Need help? Ask and thou shalt recive thine needs
Please check in once uve joined and state that uve join from thread to recive ure ress
also YOU TOO!!! can be apart of the FFF press this button here ~~~> <~~~ why are you still here? have u pressed the link? come now press it dont be shy ^_^ we wont bite....hard

here are some of the awsome people who have joined me!!!
Mad Mechanic has joined ty bro!!!
luna has joined ty luna!!!
Wowie ive had quite a few new people join like awsome!!! they also recived there rewards as well good fun times in seireitei!!
6y ago
hmm not sure how that would work but if gifting is an issue than why not think of a colony needs to reach a certain gross economic b4 it can recive gifts or trades
6y ago
hmm as far as I know they have never actualy stated they go if u click on an entettainment building it sjould show
workers 2/2
visitors 5/5
as an exMple
6y ago
actualy alu is not hard to get at all once u get into the alien tech that is
6y ago


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