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How about moving sidewalks that eat power and oil. can be added like the lights so it would be dark harden with moving sidewalks. Or solor road with moving sidewalks that give no power but take oil to run.
5y ago
Have the 4 basic schools. With no one in them or just one a few people. My approval ratting is low due to uneducated and I have 200 people not working so they should beable to go to school?

Window 64bit
Steam downloaded version 0.75.0
region game play 3rd city. Was having this issue in all of them.
5y ago
Update to this. I spent all day playing again with the region game that I figured I have to restart.

Any way here is what I found I could get the reset if I saved from inside a city and then leave the game. Close it out. So I try going back to the region and saved again then closed out MC. Guess what it saved the information correctly this time. So this is for region games not tried non-regions games again.

windows 64bit
MC 0.75.0
5y ago
If you are playing in reagions then you have to go to reagions the save then exit. I had an issues this is the work around for steam version 0.75
5y ago
Missing newer items now. Nice to have
5y ago
Well I see both sides. Yes, bots are a pain and leg. But clay has to be rebuilt all the time as well. So a rebuild in set area could be useful
5y ago
Sorry. While I do not enjoy the micro management of selling stuff it there to make you work at selling stuff on trade
5y ago
I think this should be normal as a every hour the maybe longer. Then they do a check to see if there is a place closer to work to live at. Maybe have it do a check each time a housing unit is built instead.
5y ago
I agree that colonist should be able to get to job easier later in game. Research a bus stop or something. A place where they have to spend money to buy a bike or something that we make to make there life easier.
5y ago
Start with a small city to start out then after getting base level of stuff setup what not. Then could pay to build more cities in the region area.

Also add in tech for region area for site we do not get to go into but could hold storage for things. Give a linking building to be built in the city mode so it can feed over load to the region and also pull from region.

There is a large number of things I could see in the region area that would need resources from the cities to build.

5y ago
Same issue with Steam version. NOT happy I have paid for the no ad version of the game back for the android system. Really like the game so I was like ok let play with the steam version.

Also note research resets as well. If you look in the pic I have the 2nd level solor towers the houses have also been built.

Please correct this.

Only have issues if I close out my colony and then come back to it later. Yes. I saved before I closed.

edit 1: I play My Colony with Windows 64bit version. Version: 0.75.0 STEAM download
5y ago
Seeing this in current built as well.
5y ago


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