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I have become addicted to the Region. It solved a lot of issues. However, due to the bugs I have multiple "Dead" regions that are corrupted by one city in the region. If I could DELETE CITY, I may be able to recover the region. Why is there no DELETE CITY function?
5y ago
Additionally, I took the over-the-top step to back-up the region every time I exited a city to ensure I could just restore a failed city. Unfortunately this did nothing. ALL BACK UPS FAIL and the restore point is the dead city.
5y ago
It happens to me on every Region. Not only that but if I start any another cities and then try and return to the malfunctioning city, not only will it not load; but it will erase the new cities.
5y ago
We also need a town Center. I was using consulates VERY effectively, but once I declare independence, I had to put down a capitol for every town in the region. town centers are [assumption] easier than accessing each town from a central capitol in one part of the region.
5y ago
Building Region on Chrome. Works fine for first day. I build multiple cities. Now I can load the region, but try to load a city and when it attempts to logging into the server it then kicks me back to the region screen.
5y ago


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