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RE:Parking Garage

2019-05-31 14:57:15
My thought is for those people, if there's a late game garage with like 100 spaces, it could speed up game times considerably

Parking Garage

2019-05-29 18:18:21
With all of the different types of rovers, It would be nice to have some sort of structure to store them all. for example, there could be a 2x2 "Parking Lot" that could hold 6 rovers, or a multi-story "Parking Complex" that could hold 12. Even though you can leave them lying around or park infinite rovers in one space, it would probably help performance, and help with city aesthetics. You could also add in a subterranean/mound "Barracks" for the Zolarg.

Building rotation glitch

2018-03-16 02:23:49
I just recently upgraded to the premium, but I noticed one problem. The rotated buildings still use the original placement rules. this allows you to overlap buildings, and not be able to place "legitimate" ones.
I'm running the web version on Chrome OS

(I'm sorry if this has been reported and/or formatted wrong, this is new to me)