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If you have it continuously plugged in, that destroys the battery. If you decide to get a new PC or new battery, only leave it plugged in until it is at 100%
4y ago
All of my online colonies show up with 0 population, and no buildings, with all of my resources still there. When I open the save, it says "Offline Copy". I am online
4y ago
Awesome! Also, you need to have the Regolith Furnaces and similar building to harvest the crystals
4y ago
None of of my online colonies are showing up when I click on my profile
4y ago
Colonists are dying and the biggest concern right now is health. To combat this, I have at least 40 clinics on my world, all of them close to my housing units. Please let me know how I can combat this
4y ago
I bought the premium version of the game about a year ago, and I hopped on just a few days ago, yet the app would not start. I tried backing up the files then reinstalling it, but still nothing happened. I am still pretty pissed at losing the premium tho
5y ago


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