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I think a Desert world is coming with the Reptilian species.

Already have cacti and desert themed objects.
6y ago
Can you import Regolith and then build the Helium 3 Extractor?
6y ago
Need to import it or build an aluminum generator when you're able.
6y ago
Seems like even legit trades within the cap are disappearing though. May be a bug.
6y ago
Got these bad boys built and they now handle the bulk of the colony's energy demands.

Right now want to race to the finish line. Going to focus on research and further renovating the colony.

Possible to produce Triantanium and Ant Paste without workers, but not sure it would be efficient to do so.

Trash is up to 850,000 and Atmosphere is at 25,000,000. Making progress. :-)
6y ago
@Wiffal were you buying gold or selling?
6y ago
Yeah, temporary rule implemented.

6y ago
I think fee is less in offline mode.
6y ago
Can't wait to see what Ancient Alien structures Zolarg will have.
6y ago
Having a zero population can cause several of the statistics to return NaN or Infinity.

Percent unemployed and GDP per capita.

Android 0.49.0
6y ago
Would help keep Hackers from flooding it. I trade alot myself, parts were unusable today there were so many 1 unit dummy offers. Kept scrolling and scrolling and scrolling...

6y ago
Really great idea.

Would limiting the number of offers a colony can post (server side), be possible as well?

Even something high(hundreds range) would help against people spamming thousands.
6y ago
BLARG said:I had a 0 population colony once, but these get kicked from the server very quickly. Have at least 3 colonists to prevent that!

It's happened a few times now. Figured out if I cycle it offline/online, it comes back okay. Only need to kick from my main and it is Independent again.

Got a Hydrogen reactor built. Panning on switching to Power Towers, but makes a good transitional source.

Also have a couple Alien Condensers now. Need the water for my clay and trees :)

Been doing good on the market. Cash has been going towards importing a small mountain of finished goods from folks. Working out okay.
6y ago
Trading and donations are options too. Part the fun is in the interactions.

If you want to, send a message here: eDu00zvq and I'll send you some.
6y ago
Lstest version, mobile. A few back on the PC.

Maybe blast a message to everyone?
6y ago
Nikko said:That's a pretty impressive experiment :)

Careful with the stargate. People might come through! And immediately be crushed by the atmosphere.

So... what's the downside? ;)

Started building up Trash too. Another one that doesn't require a population. Trying to go all out here.

In other news, built an Independence Hall so I can set policy. Do wish I could generate Civics. Only resource I need people(temporarily) for.
6y ago
Amorphus said:Yeah i like to use as many of those as possible to keep population low at start. Especially works well on rego worlds

Yeah, had something of that in mind. The long rows of buildings happily producing on their lonesome.

dadoftheyear said:What is the website

Here you go. Comes up oddly.

6y ago
Several like the Transmitters and wells require none. Others like the Ore Refineries and Tree Farms, still produce smaller amounts even if no workers are present.

Not one colonist on the map :)

6y ago
An oddball colony I've been working on. Small number of buildings don't require population to function. Thought it'd be fun to see if an independent colony was possible with them.

Kept a small population just long enough so I could gain the Civics needed to open up regular trading and unlock the Transmitter for research points.

Started with LIS to have access to the black market for an early source of Microchips and Aluminum. Colony is at the point I can regularly trade now, selling mostly gold and wood.

Star Gate is my next major goal, interestingly it provides research points as well. After that is turning the planet into a high atmosphere Hell World safe only for the Bots!

https://i.imgur.com/QrqwxOy.png https://i.imgur.com/sVY5JEJ.png https://i.imgur.com/CUlKsxU.png

6y ago
Yeah, click and drag tool would be awesome. Could use the same code expand on multiple buildings being placed.
6y ago


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