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If I tell a waterbot or waterbug to harvest water, for example, it doesn't walk to the water and then harvest it, but rather the game glitches and it cuts straight to the harvest phase without actually harvesting, then the waterbot/bug starts walking back to where the storage unit is.

The game then glitches again, and again, and again, but the waterbot/bug gets progressively further away from the water deposit until it finally reaches the storage unit, and deposits one load of harvest despite having made like 100 trips, while the in-game environment carries on changing as normal. This affects every single bot, every single bug, every single resource, every single building, and every single deposit. It has greatly reduced my harvest of all my deposits and consumes a lot more time than it used to in earlier versions.

If the admins could make a patch which addresses this issue I'd be very appreciative, as I never had a problem with the game in it's earliest form.
3y ago
Usually the Italia map has single river squares. Try building a hunting party right next to those blue river squares and you should be fine. Only one servus aquam needed.
3y ago
So, basically, I'm a fully paid up premium member. I tried to modify my start map and make it really cool, with patterns in the layout and everything customised how I want it with the best of all regions, but as soon as I'd saved the map and went to start my actual game, all I got was a black screen. What am I doing wrong?
3y ago


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