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Very glad to see the change regarding the challenges, they make the game very interesting and enjoyable. Thank you for your hard work on this game, it's truly a joy to play.
1y ago
For a while now, there has always been a building in the game called the 'Small Vehicle Factory.' With my suggestion, this building will get two new additions, the Medium Vehicle Factory and the Large Vehicle Factory. These would serve as upgrade tiers for the Small Vehicle Factory, and build grouped versions of the normal bots. For example, the Medium Vehicle Factory would build instances of x10 grouped vehicles, and the Large Vehicle Factory would build instances of x100 grouped vehicles. These upgraded versions would appear after Large Scale Construction and Tall Construction, respectively, requiring the Megabot for the Medium Vehicle Factory and the Drone for the Large Vehicle Factory. I think this would make it easier for those players who just want to build a lot more vehicles, for things like ether production or quick construction for those buildings that aren't built by turbo vehicle variants.
1y ago
Quality of Life change (I think.) Basically, when playing the challenge mode, I found that when resources donated are counted, they would say something like '26M/3B' when there are 26 million of a resource donated compared to the leader's 3 billion total. The problem with this is for larger numbers like a trillion, a very large gap could be missed, where both 1.1 and 1.4 trillion resources are shown as '1T'. Fixing this would likely require a slight tweak to add decimal places (two would be nice, for three significant figures overall) to account for this. So instead of '1B' or '1T' it would say 1.22B or 1.31T resources on both the total the leader has as well as the current tally that the player sees for their comparison. Alternatively, this could also change to include '13.6B' then proceed to the typical '573B' and so on for higher resource tally counts. Just my idea, I think it would be useful.

So instead of '4B/7B' now it would display more precise numbers, like '4.41B/7.16B'.
1y ago
Ancient Alien Aluminum Solar Power roads. So fast, so powerful.
5y ago
You could have bulldozer rovers harvest the mountain, and Filler rovers fill in da craters.
5y ago
Well, there are the Ultra Deep Dig sites. But we need fatser generation of clay.
5y ago
You know how there are the Ancient Alien/Quantum buildings? What if you made a Transcendent Genre of buildings that are upgrades to other buildings without Alien/Quantum upgrade options. For example, transcendent tree farms, sheep farms, triantanium refineries, antanium synthesis labs, and some transcendent Atmosphere, Clay, Diamond, Uranium, Sugar, Helium, and Ancient Instructions creators.

Maybe even a Transcendent Capitol/Independence Hall building.

Also, there could be a Hyperspace Reactor generating heaps of power. (1x1 building)

Oh, and by the way, thank you for every hour you spent on My Colony. It's a wonderful game. The nations of Eowyn, Starlight, Assyria, and Aurora Dawn thank you.

Edit: Never mind the triantanium stuff. Also, maybe a transcendent happiness generator?
5y ago
For the triantanium there could be an Alien/Quantum triantanium refinery and for the antanium an Alien/Quantum antanium synthesis lab.
5y ago
Instead of Annex making the map bigger, you would have it add a new random map based on the world you started on. It would only show one district at a time. This way, a colony could get big without having large amounts of lag. For example, if you started a colony on red planet, the next section would also be red planet. Each district would start like the beginning map, i.e. lander/mound at the center and the resources scattered around the map. Like Annex, it would require Independence. You could add a setting called "Switch District" on the settings menu. With it you could also add an option "Add District". You could have the ability to name the district what you want. You could keep annex and make it so it would make each district larger. All the resources produced and stored would be accessible across the districts. Let's say you have two districts. For brevity, we will call these 1 and 2. District 1 is the starting district. Let's say you are in District 1 and go into policies with a government building. The policies, such as Annex, would only apply at that district. So if you increased wages from default in District 1, in District 2 they would still be default. Technically, it is like a bunch of small colonies producing and sharing resources in a commonwealth, only that the "commonwealth" would be a colony. The bottom line is, it would have one smaller district loaded at a time, and instead of making maps bigger, you just add more.

Thoughtfully, Equinox0
5y ago


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