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Simply changes many of the games assets so they're smaller (physically and file size).
Haven't got round to changing all of the assets, but some of the late game Human buildings such as the investment bank has been changed. (file size of most assets are cut in half after editing)
Also adds a diamond ore re-texture (makes it bluer), and puts an eye of Sauron on the pyramid..

6y ago
@warnseries invited me to a conversation. When I clicked on the link sent me to me, if told me I did not have permission to view the content...

6y ago
Absolutely love the Reptilians so far, definitely going to be my favourite race. Can't wait for further development on them.
6y ago
Simple re-texture brightens the rock around the diamond + gives the diamonds a blue-ish colour.

Save the following image and replace the diamond deposit texture with it..
6y ago
We've got some exciting events happening where you could win a tonne of resources. Join the discord to find out what.
6y ago

Definitely not the most creative name, I know. If it's your first time playing and need help, don't hesitate to ask myself, or one of the many members of NOZ for assistance. Whether it's knowledge or resources, NOZ has it all (we are wizards y'know).

We're a friendly bunch o' people and should you need anything, we're happy to help. As a member of NOZ, you'll have plenty of choices in regards to the colony you want to serve under. And in no time at all, you'll have people serving under you as you become an independent colony.

If NOZ sounds like the kind of place you want to be, join us!
We have a Discord server where you can ask us anything..

If you're looking to join my commonwealth, use the charter code: q5kzhsdF
6y ago
I click "Save Colony" and then use "Exit to Title" which means it saves my game twice. Yet when I reload the game it puts me to a previous save. So basically although it saves twice... it doesn't actually save the game at all.

Been happening to me a lot recently and is bumming me out. Can't make any progress because it'll just set me back two hours.
6y ago


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