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2019-06-13 07:54:43
premium is optional. :/
I bought it once for the mobile app and once for the online because i had an awful lot of fun with the two and the price was worth it. nowadays it seems the premium no longer works doesn't bother me none since almost all of the stuff is decorative and optional.

RE:New job ideas. Immigration reform and crime!

2018-11-14 09:49:30
I do like the idea of seeing a police uniformed character moving around your colony. if character creation is turned on
as well as when times get tough they stand around government buildings to keep protesters away...
and i don't think i've seen a single illegal immigrant yet on my stats page might be a decent way of getting them in. :P

RE:My Colony Arrives on Steam!

2018-11-07 14:24:28
wonderful. :)
best of luck bast hope it goes well!

its a little personal suggestion might be real hard to get working im unsure but if you ever have the time take a look into the steam workshop thing

a game named starbound has steam workshop mods and i can safely say after following it for a great amount of time without starbound mods it wouldn't be as active as it is.

just some food for thought :)

RE:Education needs a rework badly. :/

2018-10-23 09:48:31
Its been fixed.
thanks to the v0.74.0 update all the schools i've made are full and low education unhappiness only happens for a while then everyones glad and back to work!

Thanks bastecklein! ^^

RE:My Colony v0.74.0 Released

2018-10-23 08:17:57
thanks bast I can't wait for the steam release.

RE:Fatigue amongst the colonists.

2018-10-19 11:14:55
XxKubxX said:Why turn off rendering?

when colonist rendering is turned off they instantly reach were they're going.

RE:Add setting in consolate/capitol for "get education immediately"

2018-10-18 10:04:39
I've seen nothing official yet but education seems very broken or ...heh...overpowered.
my example story was happiness of 98% with 1200 colonists. i added room for 1400 colonists happiness dropped down to 20% 100% were angry because of education which was available but none of them were getting it.
I hope in time a change is like
if a colonist doesn't have enough IQ for a job they'll go to a school if one is available instead of their happiness going to 0 and then protesting themselves to death at the government building located next to the very school that can help them. :(

[FIXED]Education needs a rework badly. :/

2018-10-17 15:23:21
image for what im seeing almost all the time now. :(

time and time again its the one thing that seems to smash my colony to a grinding halt
and its not due to a lack of it. i feel it needs to be reworked in a way.

i had a colony of 1,200 people and happiness was 98% with some minor fatigue
I expanded capacity to 1,400 and opened borders for 200 new colonists.

next thing i know food production from the fully staffed 225 food processing sweatstop stopped working
all 225 were off duty and 100k worth of food was all gone!

i checked happiness and from a steady 90% it had dropped right down to 22% and people were dropping dead from hunger.
there is 1 of each education building but the end game one and even the teachers are on strike.
and there was only 1 or 2 students in these buildings.
the teachers whos jobs it is to teach people are on strike because people aren't smart??

I've taxed people to zero cash then dropped 400 dollars onto the colony for each of them and happiness goes up to 40% then right back down again with some people going from 100% happiness right back down to 0%

Long story short I thinking something is broken in education and i think it really needs a rework or temporary disable because its grinding my colonies to a really strange halt time and time again.
I have education buildings of each tier.

RE:Education bug

2018-10-17 11:52:07
I had a 98% happiness in colony with some issues around fatigue and depression. :/
i built larger housing and removed older builds then opened my borders for 200 new colonists.
sudden approval does a dead drop to 4% and 98% of people are pissed about education and the average IQ took a sharp drop. giving 400 dollars to all colonists brought it up to 40% then right down to 10%.....
the teachers that should be teaching are on strike about not having education. :((((
edit: well there goes around 1000 colonists.
alot of them went back to the elementary schools.
i wonder if somehow changing housing or new colonists resets their IQ.
etherway its quite....a plague.

RE:My Colony v0.73.0 Released

2018-10-05 10:14:34
I really hope that crash rate goes below the 1% and it can be unblacklisted. you really don't deserve that kind of treatment.
the music gave me quite a shock. :P
sounds like a good midi has that good sci fi feel too it. reminds me of doom actually some modded community servers maps usually have some sweet midi tunes to go with them.

best of luck with the future development. things are looking great.

RE:what is the best way to make money

2018-10-05 09:10:52
exporting or the player market is the only decent way of getting large cash fast. :/
it feels very unbalanced though. i remember a few months back you'd export small amounts of aluminum and uranium and you'd get so much cash you could pay all your workers double for a long time.

RE:Remove education?

2018-10-02 15:07:38
with my colony starting to age and alien buildings slowly getting closer and closer...
im really starting to notice it.
my colony has 1.5k of 3k people and despite the internet hubs,adult daycares and schools/colleges that are placed around approval is 39% with 87% people unhappy because they're uneducated.
suffice to say if it wasn't for the automated water pumps and potato farms they wouldn't be alive to protest about something they'll eventually solve themselves...or die.
things are looking fairly good for idle play i'll let it stew for a while and leave them to their fates...
approval is now 33% with 100% unhappiness due to education
3 small colleges are fully staffed with 25 teachers with 0 students all of them off duty most likely protesting. -_-
1 small high school also fully staffed no students. :/
4 small elementary schools fully staffed same.

RE:add revolutions to the game

2018-10-02 15:04:49
the only reason they're rioting is because there is no food.
the reason theres no food is because the food makers have stopped working
the food makers are also the rioters! >:( who are giving out about having
if they just work a decent shift at the industrial food factory everyone would be happy.

edit: i need to say no at the moment the slightest few things can cause mass protests which take quite some time before they die down unless you got a ton of cash lying around which honestly feels harder to get now unless you're constantly exporting. :/

RE:change the gbt price gouging system

2018-10-01 09:07:04
it needs some tweaks.
I tried to sell 100 obsidian at the market suggested price and it said i was price gouging.
meanwhile i see another colony selling 300,000 alien artifacts at 275,000,000.

i needed that cash badly because i was running out of cash and i couldn't export nor get new colonists due to motherland tax hitting me hard because as usual i explain too quickly. :P
its all good now but that was really the last thing i needed.

Price Gouging?

2018-09-27 11:57:18
I went to sell 100 obsidian on the galactic market at the market suggested price and it declined saying i was attempting to Price Gouging and a strike was on my account.

on a human colony on mars and had constructed the obsidian furnace.
it had made over 100 so i went to sell it because the price is pretty awesome.
then i got that message. :P

RE:Nuclear Reactor = Dead

2018-09-27 08:47:06
several months later and i still depend on solar panels. uwu.

RE:Show worker script?

2018-09-26 12:34:46
I usually just set scientists and botanists wages 1 dollar higher than the rest and run a firedrill.
colonists are greedy and tend to go for the higher paying jobs.
*gumbles about colonists going for political jobs while everyone is starving and dying.*

RE:Remove education?

2018-09-26 12:23:33
I've just placed some of the schools and internet hubs around housing.
there'd usually be a bit of a wave of depression because of lack of education
but in time it sorts itself out.
just give it some time and see does the happiness graph change.

RE:My Colony v0.72.0 Released

2018-09-26 12:22:30
Cool, doing very good. :)

it seems harder to get mad rich now with a human colony when you do export.
i remember the days you'd export 100-200 uranium or aluminium and be set for a long time being able to pay ppl alot of dosh to keep em happy.

theres been a few great depressions in my colony had to switch to vast amounts of t1 water pumps to keep fresh water going but i got there in the end.

RE:Possible way to reduce lag

2018-09-20 20:24:07
you know i think i see the rovers teleporting ingame just like what was mentioned here. :)

i do remember it was a bit of a bug before on huge maps, noticed it on water/lava worlds.
bug or not i do hope it helps prevents crashes

RE:Idea/Discussion - My Space Station

2018-09-19 13:21:33
A space station could present new and interesting challenges.

I hope oxygen and Co2 would be a resource to be used on space stations. :P
oxygen made from water, Co2 made when colonists consume the oxygen.

as well as sending ships off to find asteroids containing randomize minerals.
but have it cost more and more the you use it as ships have to scout further and further out.
but then overtime this fuel cost slowly grows smaller as newer asteroids slowly migrate closer

RE:Possible way to reduce lag

2018-09-15 17:10:59
Wubman said:Yes, they would still need to pathfind. I also agree that a lot of the crashrate for the game comes from bots moving (specifically turbo drones). I would slightly modify the idea to make them disappear for a certain amount of time depending on rough distance away and they teleport to the location after that amount of time. Lets say its roughly 50 squares distance away, the bots disappear for 15 seconds or so then reappear next to the structure they set out to build. This completely negates the need for pathfinding and replaces it with calculating distance away.

this....omg i signed in just to say this sounds like a wonderous idea.
i really hope overlord bastecklein notices that comment and experiments with it!!

I've heard some of the crashes come from the auto save but if that works just right in reducing system stress this could be a serious game changer.
maybe it could even be a backup plan like if one too many drones/rovers are moving it just resorts to teleporting them via distance to target with a timer.

RE:Possible way to reduce lag

2018-09-14 13:33:46
the problem i see is similar to when colonists aren't rendered.
they instantly teleport to their location.
that would making mining operations and buildings instantaneous. :P

But i do have an idea.
i think it might of been suggested before and we do have some units like it.
flying rovers.

they won't need to pathfind that should reduce the stress of having to make them pathfind.

RE:My Colony on Free Apps for Me

2018-08-14 13:56:09
Its very well deserved Congratulations Bastecklein!

I really do love just seeing the sheer size of a colony when you reach the end game.
I often like having the little lander that started it all surrounded by golden roads, signs and monuments.

RE:colonists have low health but lots of medical clinics

2018-08-10 12:15:31
they....tend to be silly sometimes usually protesting themselves to death because they're tired.

around your consulate place pubs and hospitals.
so colonists have to physically go around the hospitals and pubs.
that usually gives them a much higher chance of taking care of themselves.

as well as the usual have entertainment and healthcare close or right next to housing areas.

RE:My Colony v0.68.0 Released - Page 3

2018-08-03 12:31:16
that awful to hear. :(

i don't ever really purchase apps but this was one i actually bought twice on purpose.
1st was for my phone which is a samsung s6. only problem I've ever had was it getting rather hot every now and then.
2nd time was for the pc version.

the price was worth buying twice basically.
the ads have come back btw premium seems to have reset. i do actually don't mind it. ads can be fun how they guess what you'll be into
recently i've gotten date a female metal head? XD most enjoyable.
aannnnndddd a bunch of fortnite. so much fortnite ads.

I do hope the blacklist issue gets resolved quickly. :(
its unfair that such a great little time sink is having problems.
theres much worse out there being cranked out on a day to day basis just to get cash p2w's and the like

RE:How do I prevent/ stop protesting

2018-07-20 17:05:27
Captainfantastic said:Genocide is what I do usually
Make sure to take the money first

A great purge! >:3

then easy access to jobs in food/water production. [and dead body cleanup]
i find it funny how new colonists will literally go for the high paying jobs and then starve to death instead of going for life supporting jobs.

one method i find is to have pubs and healthcare centres in and around the government buildings were protesters are amassing.

so protesters have to walk around pubs and healthcare .
gives a higher chance of them taking care of themselves rather than protest themselves to death

RE:Fast Forward Button

2018-07-11 09:10:08
:P heh you know what would happen in 90% of cases

*fast forward 1 hour*

RE:Restore premium purchase

2018-06-14 10:59:15
when i did get my purchase email after being it a second time once for my phone twice for my pc. wanted to worth it.
i kept the purchase email in a safe place.

RE:My Colony v0.63.0 Released

2018-05-21 11:59:35
*invents wheel*
*space odyssey theme starts playing*