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Or 2 "tabs" or "modes". I have accidentally clicked on some bad trades scrolling for miles to get to the other half of the trades.
6y ago
Maybe put a memory on the stargate resource scroller to facilitate large offline-type purchasing.
6y ago
Before my accounts's data was corrupted *cough* soft ban *cough*, I was well on my way to being on this list (might be only one with a phone processor). I was putting on almost 100k people a day before i was "corrupted". I needed 100s of millions in resources to fund this growth. Admittedly, i was one of the quintillionaites made by putting ridiculous postings. I always though it was the galactic emperor buying it to manipulate the stargate prices or something . Let the market tell me when to stop adding zeros i figured. Nobody made it to 1,000,000,000,000,000,000+ without this boost. If backup data for my account exists, maybe send me a copy.

In order to get to max population with a phone, my buildings had to focus on storage, jobs, and the ability to make huge trades to pay for all the expansion (warehouses, housing and investment banks). If i clogged my system making my own materials, my feeble phone processor will never make it.

With the new GBT rules this strategy will not be possible. This game has been fun and all, but i wont be able to play with the pc players at the top end. As soon ad i knew there was a leaderboard, i wanted on it.
6y ago


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