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So I'm going to follow up with this. I just started pushing through and cranking out housing to make room for workers, because as my pop grew my approval started plummeting and people wouldn't work.

The birth rate thing has ruined this game for me. I've been playing off and on for years now, but this went from a chill game I could kind of treat like an idle city builder, to something constantly needing attention and seemingly having to race to keep ahead of the population booms.

This feature has sucked all the fun out of this game for me. Even if I struggle through to get deportation eventually, which feels like an eterninty down the tech tree with this going on, it's just adding an unneccesary level of micromanaging to a game that already had enough of it to begin with.

Again Bast, Love all the work you put into the game and appreciate all your efforts, I'm sure this will get smoothed over eventually, however in it's current state it ruins the game for me. Perhaps you should bring deporting lower down on the tech tree, or just dare I say... scrap this whole concept, it wasn't needed to begin with, or rethink it. At the very least give us the option to control it, people agreeing to come live on a colony in a hostile planet need to agree to certain things before joining, obviously birth control would just be one of those. /rant
3y ago
So I've been out of the loop for well over half a year, a lot of fun stuff to come back to. Before I continue I just want to say I always appreciate all the hard work that goes into this game.

That said, I can't say I even remotely like the new baby system, I know deporting is an option, but like... I've started a new colony, and before when I played, I could just chill and let resources gather, just enjoy myself. Now it seems like a race against time.

My colonist won't stop having babies, my population is over half children, my people are hating me because of homelessness, so I can't genrate enough political power to declare indipendance so I can even access deportation.

I think the birth rates need a serious tweak. I'm playing on an ice world too, so resource gathering takes a lot of time, so it's not like I can just easily bullrush either.

btw I'm open to advice on how I should handle the above problem if any pro's have thoughts on it. I'm currently trying to crank out banks but I'm starting to stagnate around 50k of the nearly 200k i need.
3y ago
Thanks for all your hard work.
4y ago
Well... made a whole new region, played for about 3 days and it happened again, regions just won't load and i wasn't even close to stargate tech this time. Simply made a region for artifact farming. Went to another region and came back, now I can't get into it. Once again same song and dance, just loads and throws me back to the region select screen.
5y ago
So I gave up and deleted all my files and tried remaking my colony using the same name.
I made sure all data was removed, then picked my planet type (Ice) and the game hung up. I had to force close it after picking a new region.
Got back on and loaded the save to this.

5y ago
I don't believe my internet was a factor, it's a direct connection to the line and I seamlessly stream videos and play multiplayer games all the time on it. I mean it could be that there was a hiccup right as it was saving once but I couldn't say.
5y ago
Just wanted to give an update.
As of update 0.82.0 I still cannot access several of my regional cities.
5y ago
Glad I'm not alone on this. A shame too i had gotten my first charter member today.
5y ago
On further inspection it seems several of my sectors are actually unresponsive now and I can't get into them, i click on them and it just takes me back to the region map after a loading screen.
5y ago
Was playing earlier and went to use my stargate to order up several hundred thousand units of wood.
Shifted over to build a bunch of things in another section of the region and decided I needed more wood.
Went back to my section of the region with the stargate and when i clicked on the import icon, nothing... tried it with the black market bazaar... nothing.
Saved and closed the game.
Logged back into the game and now if I click on that region with the stargate, it won't enter it. It goes through the loading screen then dumps me back to the main region.
I can select every other section of my region but the central one that i started in with the stargate.

Windows 10.
Current version 0.81.0
5y ago
Figured i will chime in on this thread vs making a new one. I'm also getting this on my andorid phone (oneplus 6t)

Got a pop of around 30k currently but been getting the awful lag at payroll and stimulus hand outs since around 9k or so. Sometimes up to 5 mins of stall.

It's the current version 0.79.0 and I'm playing on a red planet map with a commonwealth online.
5y ago


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