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MizarAlcor said:Dear Bast,

With regards to the increased build cost of Unholy Pit of Stuff to accommodate the increase in capacity to 100k per building, can you clarify that it is intended to cost 2.5m gold per building?

If that is indeed the case, I would like to suggest a review of the build cost, maybe make it more balanced and spread out over a few resource types?

This new Unholy Pit of Stuff after all, only brings zolarg to comparable storage level with the Dracos basic storage building (100k on a 2x2 building vs. Draco's 25k on a 1x1 building), without even talking about the humans.

Humans: Laughs in Gravitational warehouse*
3y ago
A more polished movement system, and maybe more content and better AI, as the current is very lackluster
3y ago
@becklstein do you think you could possibly give a little love to your other games, most notably my starship and colony wars, those are 2 games i see going far, given they can be updated
3y ago


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