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Here are my suggestions:

Waterwheel for Rivers (minor power source)

Water pump (to replace water bots for river/pond water extraction)

Artificial Gravity chamber (could be for medical, could be for entertainment)

Road-bot (a bot that specializes in placing roads faster than other rovers)

Water treatment plant (produces water and trash)

Trampoline park (entertainment)

interstellar shuttle (move excess colonists between planets)
3y ago
He started spamming again today.

3y ago
winners2389 was the spammer in this case.
3y ago
Hello everyone,

In a recent game, there was someone spamming a sequence of numbers within the in-game chat. To keep short and to the point, I believe that there should be anti-spam measures implemented in the chat, such as a cooldown period if repeating a similar message, the ability to ignore a user (via a command or setting), or an easier way to file a spam report.

Thank you for your time.
3y ago
Not trying to be rude here, but your last reply was barely readable.
Aluminum paths are almost twice the speed of hardened, so why wouldn't you want to be able to max out your path speeds?
6y ago

My suggestion is that buttons are added to allow paths to upgraded from Hardened to Aluminum.

6y ago

I made a guide to rapid Industrialization, can it be added?

6y ago


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