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Rover, Builder Bot, Adv Builder Bot, Etc (Adv is as far as I've gotten)
But the suggestion is once I have access to Builder Bots why can't they also build the lower tier buildings?

It could give a x2 build speed for each tier lower.
So the Adv would be able to build the Rover stuff at x4 the rover speed.

Really would speed up the game as it would remove the need to have bots just sitting around for the odd lower tier buildings that the user needs.
6y ago
Regarding computer support...
6y ago
The math done for the resources/min thing feels a bit off.
I'm clocking Water Wells at around 13 seconds per action, they give 3 water at a time.
So it should be around 12-15 water/min, yet I've opened the window to see as high as 45 water/min, and as low as 4 water/min.
6y ago
When should the update be available in the microsoft store?
6y ago


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