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I’m having the SAME problem! iOS platform. Both Antiquitas and My Colony. I’ve gotten no response on this issue. Please help! These are my favorite games
3y ago
I downloaded an update tonight and now I can’t play a region map. It lets me start the first city within the region, however when I open the city the screen goes black and the whole game freezes. I am having the same problem in My Colony. My only option in either game is to play a single city map. It happened after the multiplayer region update in My Colony. In Antiquitas it happened with the most recent update. I love these games!! I can’t imagine that I’m the only one on iOS having this problem, but I haven’t found anyone else. I desperately want to play a region map again! Any suggestions or comments from people having the same problem would be welcome. I haven’t been able to play a region map in My Colony for at least a month. I’m feeling a little desperate and frustrated.
3y ago
I know vehicles teleport, these are disappearing completely. Forever. The woodcutter is what harvests the trees in one map. They completely stop working unless I’m staring at them, that’s not how they usually work. I’ve been playing this game for over a year and this is new. I’m definitely more worried about the region not working. Thank you for trying to help, I appreciate it.
3y ago
I’m using an iPad. I have the most recent version. When I try to start a city in a region it goes to a black screen with only the lander visible. The words “save in progress” go across from top to bottom. I can’t exit without shutting down the whole game. I can play a single city map, but there are glitches there too. I have to watch the woodcutter or he just stops. Vehicles seem to just disappear completely and sometimes they randomly appear without me buying them.
I appreciate all your hard work! Hopefully this will get worked out. Thank you! I’ve attached screenshots.
3y ago


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