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My 1st Cloning Facility is working fine but my 2nd Cloning Facility in another settlement will not populate and doesn't work. When I turn it off the job count doesn't drop and after a few minutes when I turn it back on the job count doesn't go up. I have plenty of workers, power ,water, bandwidth, etc. It just sits there partially transparent.
2y ago
I purchased the full version for android in the google play store. Do I need to purchase again for each device? I logged in and tried to download the windows version but the only option I see is to purchase it again.
2y ago
I've been playing My Colony on a Nvidia Shield and it's great. I would like to know where the game saves to so I can copy the save to another Shield and continue playing. Other games save to Google Play so you can continue where you left off from any Shield.
3y ago


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