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The game lags to the point the game no longer is interesting, as in it lags so much I cant do anything without spending atleast 5 minutes trying to do something. Just paying payroll takes a good 4 minutes a person. Because it wont open the mail right away like it used to. I cant move around the map like i used to either it takes it time and by the time is catches up I already scrolled past what I wanted so I must slowly scroll back over to what I wanted.
2y ago
So ever since the last update for the game. The game has been running extremely slow. Yes it has lagged a lot before but this is beyond just lag. It takes about 10 seconds to open any menu and when you do finally get any menu to open it closes itself. So you must be fast enough to choose what sub category your trying to open before it closes. And it lags so bad when moving around the map. It glitches the whole time when moving around the map.
2y ago

Recruiting members to join my team on the Enterprise NCC 1701 C. You can be a star fleet officer in no time with me as your commander. My commonwealth is part of a federation that defies existitance. I went where no man had gone before and found the NOZ Federation and it changed my view on our existence. NOZ is filled with it's own species one never seen before. This species helps those that join in ways you cant belive. This NOZ species will guide you to greatness like they have done with me. Join my charter than join the NOZ server! As the Borg have told me one time "resistance is futile" but being with NOZ resistance is not futile.

Charter code:

Discord server:

*6k payroll assistance
*Free resources from me
*Assistance with anything you need
*Auto pay so your not waiting for me to get on for payroll assistance!
2y ago
It is doing to me also. S8 as well. Tried uninstalling and everything
3y ago


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