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In regions mode, with more then one colony, the decay also goes on when you exeeded the storage limit with a gift.
Eventhough you when you build enough storage the decay goes on for hours...
I did not rech zero by now but I guess it will go on for ever ^^
5y ago
Hi I got quite a related issue with my workforce...

Trough all updates since, I don't know - 1,5 years ago, my workers start to leave their jobs and get a job at the new building. It doesn't matter how far away from their home it is, how happy they are or something else i can control as player..... I guess you can imagine that this is the point where my Colony starts getting busted ;)

So perhaps the problem lies within the behaviour of the colonists searching for a job and changing it without any purpose?
Other reason could be that the colonists don't stop searching for a job when they already have one and always try to change their lives?
Would be far easier without such odd behaviour ;)

Adding: and the same odd behavior at Antiquitas - though not that bad .

Commonly it starts with buildings needing more than 50 Workers.

(Playing on PC, Win 7 Pro 64 bit)
5y ago


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