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This sounds absolutely awesome! However, I had an idea, what if Independent State was a colony of a superpower on Earth who refused to give in to united Earth and fought a horrible war, and Independent State wants to carry on it's legacy of freedom and justice and want to liberate themselves and other nations from the tyranny of UE rule?
4y ago
I love the ideas with this, but I would like to suggest something else: If a planet is under embargo for long enough and still doesn't pay taxes, maybe something similar to what happened to LIS could happen, where your host civilization sends military to bring you under control, and you can send your own military to respond. It could also be more advanced with regions.
4y ago
What red planet? This is my planet, not my colony
4y ago
I've been having trouble for a long time with getting enough experience to supply and maintain my growing Lunar population, it just seems to be impossible no matter how high your planet's population is. I was thinking that once the population of the home planet got high enough they would supply the moon themselves freeing your powers for other needs and preventing die-offs. Is there any way in the game to prevent the moon's population from consuming all of the vegitation before I get experience?
4y ago
All of this is awesome! I love the game, I love the constant development, however the crystalbots on human worlds can't harvest synthetic crystalline, leaving rampant crystalline and me without being able to build buildings that use crystalline. I have heard of other people having this problem as well, can you look into this please?
4y ago


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