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Hi bast you know (it is not a game) on this site people can watch vidéo and earn money for you (0,05 euros for 30 second of watching) i know it look not so great but imagine if 50% of all ape apps user watch 3 video (you can watch only 3 video a day)
Also you can do a gift by credit card or mine crypto money
What do you think of that?
Of course yeah but did it improves the game realistic?
In the other city game some of them are not realistic anf if it is add to the game it will be very easy.and the game is very easy but hard to understand all the dynamic
A world bank
A very tiny amount of ressource
to begin but you could have some rare ressource to exploit the united earth/zorlag/reptilian gouvernement could give you more money and some basic unlocked tec in a special module
Try to purge people and try again
i realy want to see the thing which can move the underground schelter and place it again
Je s' appelle grud ?
That sad if everyone hate them
But if they have a tec to change it
and building idea I say YES
Hi Audrina
I gavé to told you something
This idea Is one of the most suggested in the game and bast won't put this in the game because it will decrease the difficulty and the game is very easy. You maybe have suggested something new and thank for it but suggeste them for realy new thing ;)
or more simply
it is a bit easer when you have 15k people have a lot line of ressource so imagine if they have some caracter more for you it can look nothing but on phone it can take a lot more space
nice name owner of the commonwealth of peace
your idea have little probleme if human was monkey what it the limit of the monkey tec ? they have to be less advanced than human in tec or if they have a tec to become human and to unlock the same tec than human ,it will make the game more hard and longue
but why not for people who have finnish the game?
you have a land in a city ,you buy this land for 1 old toy to an old man
you do an avatar (maybe by using my token) and you can build different type of workshop at first manual workshop where your avatar will work lonly and after with machine to do some thing like plate,food... a very various type of product with a quality level
(sorry for late)
My shop will be like my land*,you have a land where you can build your shop but with diversity of shop,decoration and why not later more concept
Or the rover could hauled/harvest this Walter (1 water block=100 water)
The bot could build a path (1×1) , a bridge(2×2 it is a double path) or a nice bridge (like the bridge but in brick 3×3 with a tree in the middle, more nice) and more with the suggestion of Dylan ,misteddawn and also tradefed
I don't think so
But try some thing
Take an insectoids or a reptilian who haven't a job and put him in a human work(where you have vacant job)
why not if we can use some ancient alien building and ressource,we can do this with every ressource building the "limit" would be the reschearche when alen tec will begin very expensive
i like the idea and no so hard to add in the game (i think)
I like a lot this idea I think you said a lot of thing of we need for but the lander don't move (if you keept your) and you can see your building but in ghost view or not with a button in the toolbar


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