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How do we do that? Gassing the landing pads?
Yeah I have pubs entertainment and even hospitals all around the buildings but for some reason I am not able to stop them from protesting. I fire them and go to the next building they are all there protesting and it's a nonstop cycle. I can't get them to stop, I started killing them off and hey less protesters but that only led to more protestors due to my ratings plummeting from hating me from killing them off. I'm stuck in this never ending cycle I spent 2 hours today trying to stop the protests before I protested myself and just closed the game. My next step is to just turn off immigration let them all die off and start over. I only have 1.5k population so it won't take long to regrow but if this is the process every time I make a small expansion what's the point?
Good news! 100% success rate on the research saving. 2nd attempt after saving up a ton of points and I am sitting at a new 'set standard'.
And after following steps 1-3 on the post above this I have come with the same success at saving the research. While the bug stands the process is required for all who are encountering the issue.
Now if only there was a quick way to get rid of all those ghosts that stay in buildings because even with my new day old set up I still have to go through and open each buildings employee list so it can update who is actually working and not for my colony to be and stay successful. Any hopes on resolving that issue? It's about a 7 minute process clicking every single building and all I have is 1.2k workers/buildings to sustain that. I can't imagine I will stay loving the game if that's the daily process of micromanage just to be able to play.
@bastecklein hopefully this can help you find why this happens so people don't have to take so many steps just to leave the game, because no auto save nor manual save from in-game works for saving Research.
I went onto here to find out what was causing the issue, someone suggested that you back out of your Colony then back out of your Region and so far, it seems to have saved the research I have done. I am still working on resaving up research so I can further test out the theory, but so far I do have some saved.

How to get them to save:
1. Unlock Research

2. Menu- Return to Region

3. Menu- Return to Title

4. Upon re-entering into the game my research is now where I left it. If I do not do all 3 steps, it will now send me back to this current state of research.

So it has become my new "Minimum". I will do more science to find out if my next one will become my new standard. The dark mark is me pulling down to show it's now staying with that as my current research. I need to save more points so I can do another test. It cost a lot to do that all at once! 😄

Opps. Forgotten this:

Android Moto E5 Play
My colony 0.76.0
I can't go out and buy a computer, I probably couldn't afford the electric bill that comes with it, I struggle to even make ends meet with the little bit that I have. The game has so much potential and ignoring the bug for a year+ is definitely not a way to draw in, nor keep, your community
Everything has a pathway and still I face the issue of everyone just not wanting to work. I get random spikes of everyone just quitting, more often if I do an expansion, I don't even have 2000 people yet, as I saw you have been here replying before so I read through all of the comments. I saw in the last 2 update notifications you mentioned how you got black listed on Android and I am curious if you realise why everyone on Android stopped playing. This issue makes the game 100% unplayable and it is likely the reasoning as to why they all stopped playing. It wasn't an issue of having only one avenue you took, it was that you never helped the people begging for help. I don't know if every Android user faces the issue but apparently since you went from 90% Android users to 50/50 then that should tell you something caused them to stop playing. I wonder if you got black listed because people reported the lack of help for this bug and I saw one guy post one of your reply statements to the issue, that alone could cause Android to blacklist. I just want to be able to play the game I spent money on. I don't have a lot, it took me over a year to save up for this run of the mill basic Android, if that tells you how little I have to spare. This was always so fun and now I can't even play, it's heart shattering to sit here in sheer anxiety wondering what I did to mess up my colony when it's a bug in the system causing it. Please fix it, please.
Boss man, this describes the exact reason my colony on 0.76.0 failed and all the issues I am facing with the new one I started up when I made a new one thinking I had just done something wrong. Here it is a year later and the same "bug" continues. I am tagging you so that you will get the opportunity to see these, as they all 4 seem to coincide with each other. One issue seems to lead to the next to the next to the utter downfall of a colony all from some bug that I don't think was addressed. Not sure why only some people experience it but hopefully you can get back to me/us about why it's happening. Please, I love the game but it's making it undesirable to play as I can't do anything without having to then micromanage every single building trying to find where the issue is starting and failing at even finding what went wrong and where.
Yes, I have found if I try to watch the production I lose all frame rate and it's much better to make the building and then go do another task or just get out of view of that rendering as trying to render all of that will cause massive lag spikes.

As well as this. These 3 have been up for a while. I was looking through the bugs people had to see how they resolved them and these 3 are detrimental to game play and have no love from anyone on how to resolve or if it's a bug that needs patching. Please do get back to me/us on these 3. Tag me if you can so I can see what needs to be done to fix them on my end if it's my ends issue. I love the game had to stop for a while as my device broke and couldn't play it on my cheap phone I had. I did buy premium about a year ago, so I am a sqeaky wheel that payed my way to sqeak when I have issues. ^_^. Sorry to be a hassle and hope to hear back from you!

This is also another issue the game is having that is on several different devices.
I am using Android and playing on version 0.76.0 which I just got off the Android market a week ago
I have only been playing a week, and so my colony is nowhere near those numbers, and still I am having the same issues with expansions, small or large, causing riots and chaos in the colony.
Was this ever resolved?! I have had this happening still and every time I do expansions it's becoming more and more of a hassle to regulate the colony! I do small expansion and they go into mass strikes and it's becoming scary to even think about wanting to update because I just had to restart due to the same issue that I tried to fix with a Fire Drill and it never resolved itself, if anything matters got worse from the fire drill, as everyone went on a 3 hour strike, 3 hours real life time, and nobody would do anything. I sold everything I had, gave everyone a huge stimulus package and nothing. Eventually deleted the entire save and started a new colony, still getting this issue when I do expansions.
The help in this community is amazing. Unfortunately I am not sure how to solve it, has the issue gone away? Where is the dev?
I agree. I wish we had a way of hiding some of this stuff, because it is becoming impossible to track my actual products vs everything the black market throws at us.
All that horror story aside, has anyone found a way to fix the issue?
Android user here. I am experiencing the same issue. I screwed up trying to fix it, I pulled the "Fire Alarm" and made everyone do a fire drill. Worst decision ever, I lost a week old colony because I thought let's kick them all out and see if it equals back out! Well, it did, sort of; I had everyone educated by the time they all settled back in but my approval rating never went up, they still feared uneducated and all my jobs were filled but every single colonist went on strike. Nothing I did fixed it from there. Needless to say: DO NOT PULL THE FIRE ALARM!!!
Has the dev been by to check these? I have noticed a lot of these bug reports with no feedback from the developer.


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