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misteddawn said:If you have Premium for My Colony on your phone, then you most likely purchased it thru the Apple Pay or the Google Pay. Might want to check your emails or other records for that. If you did purchase it that way, then once you sign into your Ape Apps account on your phone, it should register that you have it and the PC version should register it as well after sign in.

I really didn’t pay a cent cause I don’t have any money in my iTunes account
And if I go on my profile nothing shows up and says that I’m not premium
6y ago
I’m playing on Apple iPhone 7 Plus
Version of the game is 0.58.2

i have premium in my colony on the phone
But in the site this no written premium
Also I haven’t spent a euro in this game so I think it’s a bug
Help me pls
6y ago


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