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there should be an option for draconians that allows them to melt down their microreactors and create small pools of ether.
5y ago
Or an ocean world made out of water, and aquatic probes to harvest underwater materials?
5y ago
How about floating platforms that allow buildings to be built on water, or bridge corners so that bridges can turn?
5y ago
Sorry, just discovered infrastructure repair. never mind. I now have people protesting and I can't figure out why. People should have a protesting status in their statistics that shows what they are protesting about. also, people are mad about homelessness even though I have empty houses and 0 homeless people.
5y ago
I have hundreds of buildings and most of them are breaking down. My buildings are breaking down faster than I can fix them, and I can't seem to find a fix all button. There is a delete all button and an upgrade all button, so why not a "fix all" button? Heck, while you're at it, maybe a "sell all" button and a button to make all bots harvest. Also, the trees seem to grow way too fast and are eating my rovers and surrounding my resources. The trees need to grow slower. Also, the bulldozer tool should have a click and drag to destroy things in a large trail. Also, maybe resources can respawn.
5y ago


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