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will the models be animated at all or is it just going to be static?

2020-10-28 15:38:34
i was wondering because i think itd be a missed opportunity to not animate some of the models, like the drill, rover, or even just a door sliding open. sorry if this has been asked or confirmed before, just came back to the forums after a couple of months playing other games and found out about mc2

RE:My Colony v1.0.0 Released

2019-12-20 19:29:40
Also improved tourism system would be amazing because tourism is really useless at the moment, it's just a small extra. A better building for civics than imperial propaganda or a reduced civics cost for transcendence would be cool to reduce the amount of afk required for transcendence. Better clay synthesis and ether on ue would also be cool.

RE:My Colony v1.0.0 Released

2019-12-20 19:19:45
Can't wait for mass transport! With the new need for having work 50 tiles from each residential it will be cool having something like a monorail across the colony, that could potentially even cross through region borders in order to make housing districts to then transport civilians to working districts. Also having the housing distance makes for a fun challenge, but a small suggestion, could you possibly make less cramped buildings have higher distance tolerance than more cramped buildings? Like subterranean housing units, since they are a 4x4 but house 1000 people could be better than 3 large residential complexes, since it would be less cramped and therefore have a higher tolerance to working distance. Would make early game easier and add a larger challenge as you go up in the game

RE:Major Changes Coming to My Colony v1.0.0

2019-12-19 02:45:41
cant wait for mass transit! seems like it would be hell of a time to set up a large monorail around the colony, or metro, or something of the like

RE:[MOD] Zolarg Prime

2019-12-05 19:00:13
Looks good but I think that the crystaline is pretty weird, otherwise I like the addition of elevation to many of the buildings

RE:[Map] hardcore survival

2019-12-05 18:56:04
SpacedOutReal said:
colbya said:no point - even starting a map with NO al deposits No ur deposits- one gold deposit and one ore deposit would not slow me down what so ever .and would not be any harder .heck dont even neede a ice deposit as the pump is on build list right off just takes 500 to run a colony big enough to get to condensers .
In reality on a new map I mine just one ore deposit the gold and al or ur but dont need to mine any thing but one ore .
one gold deposit
all you need for labs is 25 gold 1800 ore 90 steel 20 of them and in a hour you have gold teck to place gold mines .
as for ore you get that right off the bat and its much easier just placing mines .
i was reeeeeeally young when i made this geez
lol like 1 year ago

RE:My Colony v0.99.0 Released

2019-11-30 23:40:24
Amazing update to help remove the grind, however I still have some complaints. I love the late game but tree harvesting in u.e. on non regions become a pain in the ass having to dedicate massive areas of land to tree farms. Even then my tree harvesting is slow for a 5x5 building. I would like a way to synthesize ether on non zolarg as to get self sustaining ether tree farms and to remove some of the idling to make tech offices. Another thing of note is that there isn't a middle in-between relic studies and advanced dig sites, and getting advanced digsites take a lot of artifacts to research early on. Another big grind that takes some idling is clay because there isn't automated clay apart from the slow 3clay per cycle ultra deep dig site and crystalline synthesizers being based on balancing for efficiency on guess and checking, instead of a building that synthesizes it

Are there any plugins for this game?

2018-10-30 20:43:35
I have recently been playing this game,Theo town, and have found out about fan made plugins and was wondering if this game has any because that would greatly expand the content

RE:Gas Planets

2017-12-19 21:32:04
Gas planets have a physical core but the majority of the planet is really thick gases so instead it would be more like the lava world except a bit easier

RE:Reduce tax payment

2017-12-19 21:06:29
Well I am really into the game with all the post game stuff and archeological digsite so I have the super market but like I said I have 175000 dollars in taxes and it takes a couple of minutes to get just 1k dollars but right now I need microchips and advanced steel refineries and I need everyone of my things

RE:Reduce tax payment

2017-12-19 20:18:21
Oh and I built a ton of gold mints but like I said I barely have anyone to work in them

List of all colonists

2017-12-19 12:49:42
I need a list of colonists because sometimes it takes forever to find one and it would be useful

Reduce tax payment

2017-12-19 12:44:30
When I started my new colony it was around the increased tax payments and I haven't played it for a while and I said if I rejected it. Eventually it said they've cut my exporting so I didn't care but then it said they have taken immigration and I got pissed off. Now I need cloning facilities and nobody works at them so my colony is getting barely any colonists. This is on my main so I barely have any money to pay my citizens and I have to give 175,000$ in taxes. So I have around 1080 colonists and I have 3000 jobs available.


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I like my colony
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