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Similar to the earlier suggestion of the building count,
is it possible to have the ability to have a servants count.

It definitely comes in handy in several ways.
1) When a new servant is introduced due to a new Technology being introduced.
2) As an example
when trying to increase Tool Production
might be resolved because you have a low servant count of either "Metallicus Stagni", "Aeris Metallicus" OR "Lignum Servus" compared to the other needed servers
or rather than needing more mines, smelters, tool shops OR population
4y ago
I have 1 Goat Farm producing Wool at the rate of 7 units a minute.

I currently have 1 Tailor using 0.44 units of wool and making 3.49 Tunics a minute.

Currently the Tailor has maxed out the 500 unites of storage.

I can add more Tailors to keep the Goat Farm form maximizing the the Wool Storage
but at the stage of the settlement that I am at I can not find an outlet (consumption) for the Tunics.
OR am I missing something?
4y ago


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