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got the same problem out of nowhere a lot of the people stopt working even though I saw it within about 5-15 min after it started i now only have 3/5 of my population and most of the time the buildings for water and food only have 0-3 workers never saw them having 4-5 (using hydroponics plant and atmosphere condencer) i have enough atmosphere to suport the water and have a lot of water extractors but they arn´t able to do it without the atmosphere condencers activly working the median and average savings went from 100 to 60. fire drill only worsens it even though i made more homes near the plantations and moved the water extractors to the residential complexes.

I deactivated all banks so a whole district is inactive but it doesn´t help.

Please fix this
blue water, red food, black housing (mainly residental complexes and some small housings everywhere)

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