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When I get to chatting with my Commonwealth buddies, the chat starts to build up on the left side of the screen, when I try to click anything through the chat, it does not work, and only pulls up the chat window on the right side of the screen.

It would be very convenient if there was an option to make the chat box, click through-able.
EDIT: Also a clear chat button would be nice!

Love this game!
5y ago
Yay, thanks Bast!
5y ago
This game has some really long building times, and sometimes it can take forever to wait around for your colony to fill up all of your housing and jobs
During this time I like to play other games while I wait, only I've run into an issue - While I'm playing another game on my second monitor, I'm getting inputs from my controller in My Colony! Pretty annoying! I think I have even accidentally deleted some bots.

So my suggestion is to add a Disable/Enable Controller in the Engine Settings menu.

This would be a big deal to me, and I'm sure any others who like to melt their brain processors while multi-tasking on two games at once.
Thanks for taking the time to read this!
5y ago
Awesome thanks Bast!
5y ago
I found a solution, when you want to quit the game, make sure you back ALL THE WAY TO THE TITLE. this will save your research.
And a side tip-make frequent backups of your save. This is a pretty fun and interesting game, but it is very buggy, hopefully a few of us will ride it out and it will become a great game
5y ago
Every time I try to load my online colony, I get stuck on a loading screen that says
Syncing data....
Decompressing game....
Back and fourth.
I have tried reinstalling the game, and rebooting
I am on Android.

I like this game a lot, and am really enjoying the whole multiplayer concept, but Jesus, there are a lot of game breaking bugs making it hard to keep playing.
5y ago
So I started a new town, decided hell, I'll build schools and see how high I can get my average IQ, so I built a bunch of them scattered around the map, IQs start skyrocketing, awesome. So I go about my business building everything and anything in my usual unorganized fashion, when I start to notice-
Aproval ratings sinking like a rock! and what's everybody angry about? 100% uneducated! Average IQ is 122 at the moment so this confuses me, so I built some more schools around in random locations near some housing and they are still angry! Have I created a colony of super-intelligent elitists? Are their 100IQ friends just too stupid for them to handle? Please help!
5y ago
This is happening to me as well, every time I come back all of my research is wiped out, this is extremely frustrating, as the further I get into the game the longer it takes to rebuild my tech tree each time I sign off.

This is on the Android version of the game if that matters at all
5y ago


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