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Chill guys, it was mostly just a joke, on my part at least, because at that time the commonwealth area was almost entirely fff posts.

I figured I could attract a few other edgy-lone-wolf-bad-operators-mother-flippers to my commonwealth or to a new smaller federation where I could have more influence in its direction compared to the well established fff.

Lastly I figured if federations are going to be a thing, they will be improved by healthy competition which isn't really happening right now, what is the point of joining a federation if their is only one real choice, it's like having the right to vote but their being only one political party.

P.s join the New Resistance, resisting the New Resistance is FUTILE.
4y ago
Charter code: tj0Oz2n8

The FFF is far too powerful, they are in danger of dominating the my colony universe.

We must take a stand before it's too late, we will not go silently into the dark night, we will resist.

Gifts of 2 million starter resources when you join, 5 million of all major resources once you hit a thousand colonists and and 10 million when you hit 10000 colonists.

1000% payroll assistance

Help on request

Discord coming soon

Charter code: tj0Oz2n8
4y ago


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