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I found the problem: UPLANET has saturated the board of trade. There should be a limit on how many contracts a user can make. He also blocks alien artifacts which makes trading damn hard for those two items
4y ago
I recommend to reinstall it. Did you download it from the right website? The official game definitely isn't a virus (I hope haha)
4y ago
At the GBT contracts the trades are shown. I suppose it's a display error
4y ago
I just sold 100 starship twice for half the price the minimum seller has. Both trades are nowhere to be seen and I didn't receive money. I tried wood and oil, but the same thing happened. I was able to trade earlier without trouble. How do I prevent my items from disappearing?

Thanks in advance

PS Video:

PPS Version: v0.92.0 PC Windows 10

Update: A wood selling transaction completed which I made before this bug started happening
4y ago
I thought that by not playing for 6 months, this would be fixed. Nope. This is a bug. The developer(s) are not so quick in fixing this issue. Consider that I am running on an i7 6700k. You would assume that I have enough cpu power to make this game run smoothly. But this program is limited in it's update frequency
5y ago
Thanks for your replies!

I found out that next to the AppData/Local folder, there is also some my colony folder in the Roaming folder. Once I had properly reinstalled the game, it started working again!


6y ago
kjeval said:Hi!

I have downloaded the app on my computer. Its been working fine until last couple of days. Now it just shuts down all of a sudden, all the time. Just now it happened after only 30 seconds after starting the game. Any advice?

Could you give some information about your system? Windows? How much RAM? etc.

This problem may be caused by RAM usage. You can open task manager (or what's on your operating system) and see if the app uses a lot of RAM.
6y ago
Craig said:Can you check the console and see if any errors are reported?

How do I open the console?
6y ago
Since I started playing my colony I always had to restart it before it would load.
Now that restarting also doesnt work. I am stuck at the brown loading screen. I have tried rebooting my pc but it still doesn't load.

Thanks for the help.

Update: I have tried reinstalling my colony. I removed the folder in the appdata where it's located and reinstalled it.
Update 2: I have tried the web version.

Windows 10

- With 'my colony' I mean the game, not my save file.
- How far I get:
6y ago
TLCTEX said:I haven't experienced this yet but I've heard of colonists retiring due to wealth and that the fix is to tax them a few times to force them back to work. Also may help to reduce your welfare checks and check your salaries. Not sure if this is your issue but hope that helps. You can check average colonists savings in the statistics section as I'm sure you already know.

This game should really have some notification system. I have been giving them citizens money for life because I thought that would make them happy. Now I know better... Thanks
6y ago
6y ago
To add some information, many buildings behave like this:
When I hover over the given building, the progress bar doesn't move. When I click on a building it says it has the maximum employees. When I click on the emlpoyment list only a few names show up. At that point all the people who supposedly worked there exit the building.

A gif for proof:
6y ago
This problem has not been solved yet.
6y ago
90% of my colonists don't have a job and wont get one.
The statistics give other information than the information bar at the top.
People wont employ themselves after I fire drill.
I have done three fire drills trying to fight problems, now the problems are magnified.
People wont go to the hydroponics centers so I am now relying on food donated to me.
Same goes for water. My power plants run on water too, so that's an extra problem.

I have about 10 000 colonists but I cannot tell for sure because the stats page hasn't updated in a while.

I have waited about 3 hours ingame for my citizens to reemploy.
I have tried fire drilling again.
I have tried manually employing citizens - which is a broken feature, I should mention.

I am running pc 0.44.0

Thanks in advance.

PS if the developer reads this. I could send you the world files so you can check it out
6y ago
I have the same problem.

Actually, about 90% of my colonists don't have a job.... I'll make a post on that
6y ago
Malobaddog said:
NubeBuster said:I tried to import/export stuff and now the gold mints seem obsolete. This game is really broken. I thought this was going to be my next binge-game. I guess it's still too early in development...

It is not broken at all. You have to adapt your building "level" to your progression into the game. It's not broken it's normal (for me). Plus you will see that later, they will get obsolete big time.

25 000 000$ to import 1000 aluminum?

Aluminum was already brokenly expensive, now it's not funny anymore
6y ago
I tried to import/export stuff and now the gold mints seem obsolete. This game is really broken. I thought this was going to be my next binge-game. I guess it's still too early in development...
6y ago
Thanks, whats your charter code?
6y ago


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