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So I’ve gotten them to harvest, but that doesn’t seem to be doing anything. When it comes to building... nada. Zilch. Zero action when told to build.
5y ago
I just got the game, and stupidly paid for the full experience before even trying it out on the strength of a friend’s recommendation.

It loads, I start a city, I tell a servant to start building the first storage facility (which is recommended in the ONLY in-game guidance that has popped up). And then ... nothing. Literally nothing happens when I try to build or do anything. The only thing I’ve gotten any servant to do is to move from one space to a new chosen location.

The forum doesn’t appear to be searchable, and the help guide doesn’t seem to offer any guidance on the basics of gameplay.

Anyone have a recommendation for guidance on gameplay, or should I just delete the thing and save my already-considerable frustration?

5y ago


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