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I would like to start a thread allowing users to upload user created maps. Does anyone know how to, or if it is possible to, upload maps? I have created 3 or 4 now and I'd like to share them with everyone!
4y ago
Anyone up for some PVP in Colony Wars please feel free to shoot me a message anytime!
4y ago
I figured that out a day after I posted this. I forgot to take this down though. Originally I thought maybe they repaired tanks and boats. Just took me a little longer to figure it out! Thanks for the reply though GeneralWalding
4y ago
Another thing-
On the desktop version to help increase with speed would it be possible to change the right click option to automatically allow selecting of multiple units?
4y ago
Who wants to setup a time to PVP?
I live in the Eastern Time Zone in the United States.
Send me a message or drop a comment below so we can try and set something up!
4y ago
I am wondering what the engineer does. Is he not supported yet too? I cant seem to find a function for him...
4y ago
I have a few ideas for grouping on Colony Wars
It would be nice to be able to have a "select all" option for particular units
(i.E you select A small tank, and the option to move unit appears, but so does an option to select All Small tanks.)
For the desktop version It would be very nice if you could assign a grouping of units to a Hotkey number (1-9 and also 0). This would allow a quick selection of a set of units. It would be even better if those units could carry that number on them.

For the desktop version it would be very nice if there could be hotkeys. For example, If you were to select a Small tank, and you wanted to move that said tank, you could give the move command by pressing the space bar.

4y ago
I'm excited for missions! A campaign sounds cool
I never see anybody online ever. Message me if you'd like to try PvP and maybe we can set something up
4y ago
I love a lot of these ideas. Has anyone here played creepers world before? In creepers world 3 a lot of what's listed here they use. It would be very nice to see something similar
4y ago
I see an option to import maps in map editor. Are there any maps out There? I'm on the mobile android platform
4y ago


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