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New games that involve auto-generating terrain (e.g. Earth-like, Abandoned World) do not generate the water/ether on the region map. It can show up when you start a zone, but you are going in blind and have no idea what to expect. This seems to have appeared with the 1.24 patch.
2mo ago
I know where to get Ape Coins, but I cannot find where I can spend them. I would like to start collecting new buildings.
3mo ago
Ikacprzak042 said:My citizens insist on breeding like rabbits and eat like pigs, I'm constantly at a loss to take care of them. AN option to process the surplus population into food and water would solve all my problems.

I would make a modest proposal (ha!) for a new nano tech factory: Lentsoy Orange. Does to excess population what the atmosphere scrubber does to excess atmo. New improved flavor!
3mo ago
I made no changes, other than the Microsoft Store updating the app.
1y ago
All of my old games (in 1.14.0) have vanished. How do I get them back?
1y ago


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