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Drones working, but my Square of Arbitration workers don't work so I cant get civics.
6y ago
Not sure what going on, when I click on them they seem to teleport to another location, and randomly decide to build things. They seems to work fine for a bit, but now they just seem broken. Charter is: bxL3vlvA if it helps
6y ago
I have parts of it working now, but I'm not sure how to get the "description" of various things. It almost seems like its a link or something. Any ideas?
6y ago
OK, I think I was thinking about that but didn't know how to/where to start thanks @bastecklein
6y ago

Orciusium is a proud member of the ever-growing NOZ federation of wizards! I'm Orcinus(Orcinus#9043 on discord) maker of the original, might make a come back ;) discord my colony bot. I code for a hobby mostly and work in IT, so I love all things techy. If you want to hang out with lots of fun and interesting people (you know who you are) join Orcinusium and be a part of a great and wonderful NOZ family!


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6y ago
Its been a while, buts its good to be back! I remember before I took a break from things my colony, I was attempting to somehow use a discord bot to look up things in the my colony reference. If any one has ideas about this let me know.


6y ago


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