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I have build every Roboter i can build and nearly all recources
3y ago
I habe several techs unlocked but not all the buildings that come with it are in my list of buildings. Why does this happen. i also have no ingame chat but my save is an online game. pls help
3y ago
It wasnt helpful just like before same issues. The consultant building when selling wants to sell the last building i have klicked. I personaly think its a game issue and has nothing to do with my particular sage.
3y ago
I recently had the issue that my buildungs downgraded after saving and reloading or just dissapear. I also had the issue that the consultant building had no upgrading botton and was bugging out i couldnt click on it or open the settings in addition to that the button delete or sell doesnt work either on this particular building. I cant even click on the statistics of this building.

I would be very greatful for any kind of help and sorry for my english im from germany :)
3y ago


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