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Maybe it is because the game runs for extended periods of time, like overnight when sleeping like I do. It may be like windows and most windows apps/programs, who crash without reason after being ran for too long due to data in ram corrupting over time until the program ends up crashing. Even windows does this too. Linux is more fiable in that regard. So perhaps it's the combination of time, some variants of android and even maybe the device itself that causes the crash...
5y ago
Build version 0.68.0
Android version
Device: Samsung galaxy A3

The tax collection doesn't seems to work. Collecting taxes only makes the money of the colonists vanish.

If I kill all my colonists, sometimes all the money from the resources tab dissappear and resets to 0.

When new people are arriving, the colonists money, age, IQ are reset.

Additional info:
My colony is offline and have about 40k colonists,
5y ago
I can add that some buildings are avoided by workers. They even prefer go jobless or find another job at the other side of the map. Even super close proximity to everything they can ever hope for and great wages are not enough to get them working here. They only fo if they have no other choice. Sometimes.
Also, those buildings seems to suffer from the already mentioned "I am looking who is working and everyone flies away" thingy. This even appear in the stats. Eveyone works and after checking some are jobless.

And the "workers not working until the boss checks why they are not" effect solves itself by a bit of patience. It usually lasts up to 15 min maximum. They go back to work by themselves sooner or later.
5y ago
One possible explanation for your tourist's death is they may get lost. If they go too far away from their hotel they may die of hunger or fatigue without having enough time to get back.
If you have too much homeless ppl, try a fire drill, save asap, close the game and kill any remaining process, via task manager on windows and app manager on android. Then start the game again and reload your colony. This should help solving the issue.
6y ago
This post discusses how I play the Human race.

Current results are:

-99%+ satisfaction, with little riots of 1-2 ppl from ages to ages
-scalable from a tiny colony to any size wanted
-medium profit, costs are directly proportional to scale
-workers always work, they don't retire anytime soon



0. the best map is the largest you can have at start. save a lot of costs later.

1. take your time.

2. keep population under control. fix set objectives. you should have 20% of unused habitats and 95% of jobs filled at any given time.

3. focus on science at start, then money, artifacts and civics. the objective is to be able to reclaim independence asap then build the better version of the different factories and aluminum generators.

4. always have at least this amount of money : (( colony economies / number of colonists ) + mean economies of colonists) = 275, or ( colony economies ) = ( number of colonists * ( 275 - mean economies of colonists ))

5. if your colonists start protesting, or have more than 500$ in their wallets, tax ALL of their money ( they will all riot, have 0% happiness and your approval will drop to 0.) then give all of them 250$. they will all get back to 100% happiness and resume work, as well as rising approval to 100%.

6. no tourists allowed. in big colonies they may disrupt the control over population growth. build walls around your landing pads, stargates... and turn your immigration setting to off whenever it is not needed.

7. always overproduce. you should be able to produce at least one and a half more than what you consume, for all resources, even electricity. the only exceptions are colonists and science.

8. don't be afraid to burn robots / microchips / alien artifacts to produce other resources. you will never go in shortage thanks to 7., and they usually produce unholy amounts in short period of time.

9. always ensure available habitats, hospitals and some sort of divertissement next to any factory. the shorter the distance the better.

10. respect rule 2. when you apply rule 9.. every single factory is it's own environment that have to be taken individually.

11. to reduce costs and land use, mutualize habitats, hospitals and divertissement over a few factories. it is all about finding a good compromise between spreading in little chunks and centralizing.

12. always have backup power that can run either without resources or on He3 and turned off all the time. if any power shortage leading to the death of the entire population with no resources left happens, He3 is one of the last to deplete and don't cost anything anyways. this backup power is not taken into consideration when it comes to rule 7. it shouldn't be able to run the entire colony but give enough to restart the normal production of electricity, which will then be used to restart normal production.

13. have a minimum surviving state. if the scenario of 12. happens, you have to be able to run your colony forever with only a few colonists (no more than 15), then repopulate from this.

14. the most important resources are: food, water, money.

15. disposal of trash is really important. recycle a part of it, but don't assign more than 1% of your population for it. burn the rest, and scrub the excessive atmosphere generated.

16. always contain trees, synthetic crystalline or any resource that can expand. always. if you are on the forest map your priority should be to dispose of all that wood while following 3..


I may have forgotten a few thing at the time I write this. But it still gives the general guidelines and rules I use for all of my human colonies.

Anyways, thank you for reading all of this or at least checking it.
And sorry if it is too long or confusing.
6y ago
There is a simple solution to that. MONEY. First tax all of your colonists till they have no money left via tax collection. Then "graciously" give them 250$. Their happiness will instantly go back to 100% and they will resume normal activities.

I actually abuse of that method to steal money from my colonists and make them happy about it ^^
All of this while paying them nearly nothing (5$)
6y ago


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