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I think to an extent we need some form of conflict. For smaller players research and growth is the conflict however eventually this game is going to have alot of players that have reached the end of the research tree most likely. I'm not saying we need war but we will definitely need some form of conflict that will give players who gave have developed alot something to do whether it be craft intricate diplomatic policies or solve some sort of problem. It doesn't matter what it is but we need some sort of ongoing conflict that everyone can participate in once they get further in the game.
If you guys need some help with the artistry I might be able to help I am fairly decent at drawing being architecture student. I would love to help create 4 different views for some of the buildings.
I recently have been having huge amounts of people who will quit their jobs and then get a job it's a little annoying as all of the sudden a recource will basically stop producing. The main concern is that when this happens though it seems to really cut into the processing power on my phone and my bots start lagging.
Long ago when humanity first took to the stars the legion empire first ruled over all human existence. Greed and corruption eventually riddled the colonies though. The legion empires vastness could not be sustained any longer and the corruption eventually crushed it. In the ruins of this collapse many factions arose. One faction of particular promenance arose the FFF eventually came to be a driving force within the LIS regions. However through the guise of unification the outer rims suffered the most many planets with little to no infrastructure were treated more as slave colonies. A few more distant but better developed colonies witnessed these atrocities brought on by the corruption in the outer rim and resisted the FFFs demands for unification. The resistance movement was born.
I wpuld like to have possibly as well on the statistics for each type of rescpurce to have with the bar that shows how much a specific structure is contributing a number that shows how mamy of that facility you have so you can easily calculate how much each building contributes. I love the statistics and I couldn't imagine the game without it. I would really love to see the info expanded.
Indeed no pvp. Just some kond of military related actions that allow us to feel like we have realistic governments.
Well seeing as I am not part of or leadrr of a federation I cannot say that I know the inner workings of the federations. However based on my gameplay so far I see them in many ways as collection of alliances. Alliances being the commonwealths. I intend to build a system that has a clear hierarchy resonating from a triad power structure. I already have the first Part of the triad in place Galvic Tech Industries is the economic backbone of the empire. In regards to switching well I certainly agree there. One thing I think needs to happen as a development is more diplomacy options. While I know there are no plans for armies and things like that I think to give it a little bit of realism there should be some minor aspects like. Trade embargos and smuggling.
I don't know about the math for that it seems fairly complicated but I will say for gold I would say it's worth about 15000-18000 lately some one has been destroying the value. I always stay within the range of 15000-18000 if I can. I generally decrease price per unit the more I sell however. But I always sell at a constant fixed rate that way my sales do not kill the market. Also I generally sell in regular quantities. 10k-100k
I would also like to know this my aluminium genrators are working but they keep showing up as having a downward trend in yet when I check the outflows and inflows it's fine I would really like to know what the values stand for in terms of time.
Also the Sirel empires a thing now hoping to establish trading ties with the resistance.
I think the main reason is becuase a few of us just want role play. It's not that we want to just tear down the federation. More like we want to see if we can surpass it. All the while we create a story that there is conflict.
I don't think it's bad but your federation is something the Sirel Empire wants to surpass. We are going to exchange the buearacracy of the federation for the power of the Sirel empire to usher in a new golden age.
As king of the Sirel Empire I see the federation as a system that is consuming the galaxy. We cannot stand idly by and let the bureaucracy of the federation grow out of control.
I don't really know if this has been thought of before. I have been playing for about weeks increasingly though I have found that my colonists tend to quit and or retire from their jobs and I often find jobs on somewhat important buildings unfilled. What I think would be very useful are 2 things
1. A set of graphs that shows you the happiness, commute distances average, average energy. These would useful for better micro managing the layout of your colony.
2. It would be really nice to have a view that allows you to see population density, unemployment density. Again these would be useful to help make your colony more easily managed.

3. this one isn't really a needed feature but it would be nice would be a map of commute distances so you could get an idea of where certain colonists are coming from.
4 lastly and this one I think would be great would be either buses that transport colonists closer to work or a train.
The last two are just ideas to think about for the future the first 2 though I think would be a good improvement to the game. Anyways let me know what you think. I have been loving the game so far. Keep up the good work.
I am planning on striking out on my own to create my own empire to also help combat the FFF. I would love to establish trading ties once I do. My Colony us named Galvic Tech Industries.


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