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We need this for sure. I've also suggested reworking the galactic board of Trade and adding a Galactic Stock Market to make trading more competitive.
6y ago
This game does need some sort of late game objective, eventually you have a colony set up that just keeps producing resources. Just numbers changing on a screen. We need to give those numbers a meaning and a goal.

Instead of having direct pvp war, we could have colony backed "federation faction conflicts". In which these unseen "wars" are funded by resource gifting to "the cause".

Basically, we would need some sort of game provided factions that every colony and federation can join. Their should be at least 3 but we could have many more. Each faction should provide a small in game bounus like +10% production to a certain resource, -?% power consumption, a loyalty increase to decrease protesters, ECT.

Once the factions are established, each individual player would be able to join one. Then they would send as many resources to "the cause" as they want or can afford.

At the end of every day or week, each faction will have a % chance of winning said "war" based on how many resources were collected. Then the game would randomly output a winner based on the % chance to win.

The winning faction would receive some sort of small bounus like (×2 faction bounus) or something like that.

We would have to develop ways to balance this concept. Resources would need individual value (Food would not be able to be worth as much as aluminum or uranium), certain factions would grow much stronger than the rest so we would need an underdog bounus or a decrease in (% chance to win) based on how many more members the faction has , things like this would need to be addressed.

Personally, I would be willing to help with any ideas to make something like this possible but I think we would need a few people working together to develop a game mechanic this complex.

Anyone agree, any thoughts?
6y ago
Anyone agree/have any suggestions to add to this idea?
6y ago
Agreed, this would help when playing on a small phone screen.
6y ago
The Galactic Board of Trade (GBT) should be reworked with limits implemented so new colonies can buy and sell cheap resources for a reasonable price. A less than 3x (or something) import cost limit should be established (from the galactic freight cost ect.) and an import/export cap of (idk) 1 million should be placed. This will allow a reasonable flow of reasonable priced goods for new colonies.

Now for older, late game colonies you should introduce a "Galactic Stock Market" GSM. It'll pretty much be the same as the current GBT but you can only deal in bulk amounts of over 1 million (or something). With no price limits. An all out, resource trading battle.

For both the GBT and GSM their should be a limit on how many open requests to buy/sell a colony can have (like 10ish) this will stop spammers.

Personally, upon reaching late game (All techs researched, nothing really necessary to build) the game gets somewhat stagnate. Yes the new content is always exciting, but what I find most fun after reaching this point is the buying and selling in the GBT, and growing my colonies wealth with good trading strategy. It keeps me logging in to see what the markets up too. I think there's a lot of opportunity for fun with resource trading.

We might need better storage options for a GSM to work well. Alternatively you can add a "credit" option within the structure itself for keeping larger quantities of "virtual resources" that can be deposited and withdrawn when needed. Its kinda meta and makes storage pointless but maybe it could be taxed or something its just a thought.

I think the fun that comes from trading is why some players get upset when the Evil Galactic Ghost God takes 99% of the money they earned trading fairly. Yeah we have more money then anyone can spend. But that's what we were going for.

Perhaps as the game continues to develop we can have uber-expensive, 1 build limit, super structures. Nothing overly unfair, maybe a power structure that generates 100k power that requires no resources or people to run it. A "perpetual motion machine" for (idk) 500 quintillion. The cost will be set based on average wealth growth of all colonies.You could also make an auto-atmosphere condenser that turns on and off depending on the current necessity.

Sorry for throwing so much out there but the TLDR is: keep resource trading. Make a fair market for newbies, don't let the Evil Galactic Ghost God levy 99% of traders profit, and try to expand how trading works for well established "late game" colonies.
6y ago


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